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Discussion in 'Averitt Express' started by ltl lifer, Jul 8, 2015.

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    It is rare to hear of any freight company that pays overtime allow there guys to actually get over 40. If Averitt or any company is forced to pay overtime they will hire a pile of drivers, cut everybody to 35/40 hours and starve them over the winter. Give me a 60 hr week over 2/3 hrs of overtime.
  3. yrc-atm

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    I get OT after 8 hours and have been working 55-60 weeks for many years. As has most at my barn.
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  4. ABFer

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    The class of worker affected here does not include truck drivers, RR workers or Pilots. And paying one of us OT costs our companies less than hiring more people when you calculate in health care and equipment costs. See, more drivers need more tractors and trailers and they cost more than a little OT does. Then you need to figure in stem times to and from the areas being serviced. An hour bringing a guy in + an hour sending one out=2 hour pay or 4 hours on OT (4 hrs OTx1/2 extra=2 hrs).
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    Saia pays OT after 45 and the city guys at my barn get 50-55 hours a week on a regular basis. Sometimes more.
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    Our pay scale is made very clear at hire in, no overtime pay has always and will always be the case. If that is an issue find another company like SAIA. The way I see it is our hourly rate is double the average pay for most employees in my suburb of Knoxville.
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    Most drivers realize a decent record gets you a job with any company, so an experienced guy with a good record has his choice of who he wants to work for. Talking to drivers for other companies convinces me to stay at AE, the grass isn't always greener even with the offer of some OT pay. Too many small things add up to big pluses for a city guy here at AE. I could list the working perks but don't want to be seen as talking down other companies. We drivers work for those who fit our needs
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    I have friends within all the competitors and I have learned that life is good here compared to the stuff they endure. It's all about contentment.
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    If someone wants more, go get it! It's a wonderful thing to be able to do that.
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  10. Iceman

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    I have yet to see an Averitt employee with gun barrel prints on their temples from someone forcing them to stay at Averitt.
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  11. ltl lifer

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    And seeing what a caricature of itself Averitt is, I am SO SO SO glad I got away from it, and trucking. Do not miss it one bit.
  12. Iceman

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    I wish so bad that the haters like yourself would bail out also, it would be such a better place. It's a win win, they will be happy and we would be happier. You are proof that there is life after Averitt.
  13. mlang216

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    My biggest complaint on the industry, or any job for that matter, is this.
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  14. Iceman

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    I agree mlang216, so many high paying companies like Conway, SAIA and OD are hiring.
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    This says it all perfectly!!! Couldn't say it better myself.

    I wonder if this will be offered to the wonderful associates in beautiful Averitt red as part of the annual uniformpalooza from Cintas?
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