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    I have my MC (715134) Aiding The Honorable Trucking Inc. in Concord NC and am looking for Owner Operators who want to be on their own. What I am offering is an opportunity to do that. You use my MC, which is 4 years old with a clean rating, I will take care of the office paperwork for you...IFTA, invoices etc.
    I will NOT tell you how long you need to be out.
    I will NOT tell you when you can go home.
    I will NOT tell you what loads you take.
    I will NOT take escrow.
    I will NOT mark up your insurance.
    I WILL make invoices from you to me.
    I WILL pay you as soon as I get paid, (usually within 1-2 hours), no fee for quick pay! :o)
    I get 10% of invoice, any extras (detention, tarp etc) goes to you.
    All I ask is that you be a safe driver as to not ruin my rating.
    My "lease" is simple and you can leave when you want.
    You need your own tags.
    No upfront money needed.
    You WILL be able to be on your own, doing what you want, without having to do paperwork on the road or at home.
    You WILL get your own loads.
    You WILL be able to know what the loads really pay.
    It doesn't matter where you live.
    Any questions just ask.
    7047219049 leave a message and I will get back to you

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