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    Truckingboards has a password reset built into the forum that works great but there seems to be a great many people who either can't figure it out how to use it or check for the email in their spam folder... Some people create false emails then when they lose or forget their passwords they can't recover them.
    I will no longer spend my limited internet time fixing things you can fix yourself.

    From this point on if you want your password recovered by me, if you want your username changed by me or if you want any other edits done to your account by me that you can do yourself it will now cost you 1.99 by PayPal
    Of course this money will go to supporting the forum/software and server. Premium Members already support the forum and will not be subject to these fees unless they abuse the privilege to use them.

    I feel the best way for people to remember to follow the rules is to either ban them or get into their pocket book.
    New Fee List

    Username Changes 4.99
    Password Resets 1.99
    Ban Lifted for for lighter offenses 4.99 (you can't do the same stuff over and over and expect to use this get out of jail card)

    Major Bans are determined on a case by case basis (replace the at for @)is the paypal address ... replace the at for @
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    There is a member using my real name on the saia forum..can u please remove him

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