Paul Ryan rips IRS today.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Ice Rider, Jun 20, 2014.

  1. Northern Flash

    Northern Flash COMMON SENSE IS THE CURE.

    Bush left a mess, and Obama will leave a complete disaster. It's going to take some radical changes to reverse this disaster. It's way to early for me to decide who I'll throw my support behind. A lot of crap can happen over the next two years since it seems that most politicians can't keep their hand out of the cookie jar.
  2. a9faninnc

    a9faninnc Super Moderator Staff Member

    Better find someone with some leadership skills and not based on race and gender alone,we can see where that got us.Also,surround yourself with qualified people instead of paying back favors.
  3. Northern Flash

    Northern Flash COMMON SENSE IS THE CURE.

    That is the first post that you've made (that I can remember anyway) where you actually backed up your claim to be an Independent. When someone protects and deflects the crap that this President has done with every post, I have to question their political agenda. Are you starting to realize what a "tool" this President is or did your wife sneak in and post this for you. lol
    Kudos to ya.
  4. jimmy g

    jimmy g Kook

    I too am a Campaign for Liberty Member, but I didn't vote for Ron P. (Because of the speed of the things he wanted to do. Over a ten year period they would work. In the forst 100 days, they would collapse the Middle East. Obama is proof of that today) Apparently you weren't on here before the last election? I was ripped daily by 5 or more RP guys who DO support Obama Policies (but not Obama). Even lost some friends over it. If you go on many other political forums, you discover RP and especially his supporters were heavily into Occupy Wall Street. That's Obama.... Weird, illogical, distasteful, scary- but certainly true! Rand doesn't publicly endorse what his Dad did, and I am on record backing Rand. But I'm not liking many of the latest things from Rand...
  5. Northern Flash

    Northern Flash COMMON SENSE IS THE CURE.

    Unfortunately (and rare) you're right. The brain dead in this country are more concerned about a Delta Smelt (fish), a spotted horned toad, and allowing gays to legally marry, versus an out of control Govt. I wonder how concerned those same brain dead individuals will be once the Govt. overreach and corruption starts affecting them?

    What comes first, your next "March for the Smelt Rally", "Protect the Toad rally", or "Gays are people too" march?
  6. jimmy g

    jimmy g Kook

    I voted for Chuck Baldwin instead of McCain. Then Goode instead of Romney. Actually, I just glance at most of your posts because they are such long lectures, almost all are turned off to them and skip them, so your well-founded points are lost. Sorry. Shorten your points and lose the personality fights with goofy leftists and our cause will be easier.... :regretful:
  7. jimmy g

    jimmy g Kook

    He's been dropping posts here and there to show his independence for a while now. Once we got off race, it became evident. Many are still stuck in personalities. He's still more left than most of us. But not Maggooish/ bat-dung crazy, following the pied-piper...

    "Once it's established you are an early riser, you can sleep all day!" First impressions are what people are judged on. And not always correct....
  8. Northern Flash

    Northern Flash COMMON SENSE IS THE CURE.

    Comparing anyone to Magoo, will make them look like they're right of
  9. autocar65

    autocar65 Local 767

    If my posts are long, it might be that most of the time I am trying to educate someone. History books are boring, and that is why we turn to Hollywood for our history. Our attention span for making a point is about 10 seconds nowadays.

    Most of the time, if an evangelist is preaching to the choir, he is preaching to the converted. When I attempt to evangelize 79 or Magoo, I must first tell them why they are wrong. That list is encyclopedic.

    If I am long winded it is an effort to save a country. The term filibuster means excessive talking in an attempt to put a vote off to allow more time to convince others. You're not the one I need to convince, I know where you stand.

    And you say you voted for Chuck Baldwin and I believe you. Do you read his writings? They are pretty long winded too. In a society that will not invest more than a fleeting moment to reason things out it is no surprise to me that we have begun electing rock stars instead of patriots. Since we have to use movies to get points across it is like the film "Amadeus" when the Austrian Monarch told Mozart that his music contained "Too many notes"......."Just cut a few and it will be perfect" Mozart said that he used as many notes as was required and which notes did the King want cut out.

    We want instant gratification, instant laws against instant enemies. Why? So we can instantly have a mess that will take decades to correct?
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  10. Ice Rider

    Ice Rider Well-Known Member

    I for one enjoy autocar's posts...long sometimes, yes but almost always well thought out, informative and well written. I like that. Unfortunately I am usually multitasking as I post.
  11. autocar65

    autocar65 Local 767

    No doubt. And let's be honest, Rove and his followers haven't told us who to vote for yet. But I do know it will not be Rand Paul and I think you do too. I think it will be Romney again because after all he is the one who actually created the ideas behind Obamacare. So single payer healthcare can be repacked and resold to us under a GOP administration. And he will look Reaganesque having lost his first bid to be president. New leadership with a new face and a new mouth to pass the same legislation through.

    But we no longer get to choose who runs and that is a huge part of the problem. We allow the media and the political lobby to dictate to us who is worthy to run for office. It is like it is because what they want is a confused, biased and bewildered citizenry that not only doesn't know what they believe in but has actually turned the corner and has started supporting those ideals that will ruin us.


    The most powerful motivator in the world is guilt and it has been proven to work over and over again.
  12. autocar65

    autocar65 Local 767

    Obama has plenty of leadership skills. "We need strong leadership to solve all or our problems".....Whoever said that is a political pawn. We don't need lead, we need represented dammit!

    If we are ever going to right this ship, what we need is strong representation. All of us know that presidents of late have gone around Congress to get things done. Like allowing millions of illegals into our country. Does anyone remember being consulted on that issue? How many states have gone to the voters to get gay marriage voted in and left empty handed? Six months after it was voted out, we start seeing the courts involved....Why? Did we not just vote that issue down? Does the vote of the populace mean anything in today's political cesspool?

    Leadership makes the entire political system revolve around the quality of the leader. As the leader goes, so goes the country. We need to quit depending on one man and return to having a voice in Government.
  13. jimmy g

    jimmy g Kook

    I understand. Problem is (and I was told so of my own posts)- if like-minded find it too cumbersome to read, the opposition won't spend two seconds reading it....
  14. Northern Flash

    Northern Flash COMMON SENSE IS THE CURE.

    I don't take my marching orders from Rove or anyone else in the Republican party. In fact, they better pull their heads out of their hinders and go back to being Conservative or I'll be sending my vote in a different direction altogether. I don't belong to any party.....I just vote for the one that matches my beliefs the closest. And this Immigration pandering b.s. is really making me feel like I need a new party.
  15. Northern Flash

    Northern Flash COMMON SENSE IS THE CURE.

    My fear is that the only ones that read them already agree with you. And the ones who need the educating, see the length of the post, and skip over it. Personally, I'd rather you be more pithy with your posts because I think that more of those pin heads would actually read them.....thus get their education. I want whatever it takes to get the brain dead to read your posts.

    Just sayin'.
  16. SuperCourse

    SuperCourse Well-Known Member

    Escape the tribalism, go tribe free. Libertarian.
  17. autocar65

    autocar65 Local 767

    Just like they don't bother teaching history if school because no one is willing to sit through it?

    Yes, the world has an attention span of a gnat, and these gnats have the same right to vote as you and I. And that is why the country is lettered with GOP members who have thrown up their hands and given up. Have you signed up yet?

    If you can convince Americans in a few words, go for it.
  18. autocar65

    autocar65 Local 767

    When I have more than a few hours a week to get my point across, I might post shorter posts. The volume will be the same, there will just be less words per posts. I will be off here for five days. Enjoy yourselves while I am gone. But please, don't bother getting to the root of the problem. That takes too many words to explain.
  19. Northern Flash

    Northern Flash COMMON SENSE IS THE CURE.

    Don't get all testy. We just don't want the left to ignore your posts.
  20. Northern Flash

    Northern Flash COMMON SENSE IS THE CURE.

    If your job is getting in the way of your personal time or Truckingboards posting might have to cut them loose like I did. lol

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