Pennsylvania - Truck hauling hogs overturns

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    Traffic was disrupted on Interstate 80 Friday morning when a truck carrying a load of pigs headed for slaughter overturned, killing some of the livestock.

    A tractor-trailer driven by Daniel VanDriel of Iowa traveled off the right side of the roadway and rolled onto its right side at about 6:38 a.m. near mile marker 55 on I-80 in Beaver Township, Clarion County, state police in Clarion said.

    One lane of traffic was closed while the roadway was cleared, according to state police in Clarion.

    None of the pigs escaped from the truck after it overturned, police said.

    The driver escaped injuries, but the same could not be said for his load of pigs.

    Some pigs were hurt and some died, according to an employee at Hirsch Meats in Kossuth. The market and slaughterhouse was called to haul the pigs from the scene and house them until another truck could retrieve them for the final leg of their journey.

    About 130 pigs were loaded into the cattle trailers and taken to spend most of the day at Hirsch's, the employee said.

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    I wonder if my ex-wife was in that trailer
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    You may never know, unless the pigs squeal!!!!

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