Pension Lies!

Discussion in 'XPO Logistics' started by monkeywrench, May 28, 2016.

  1. whip1

    whip1 Well-Known Member

    How is that any different than the union guys that have made losing pay, pension, and vacation time ok in their minds? Seriously, stop selling the union as this place where everyone is happy and things are great. If it was great, you wouldn't have to sell it.
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  2. whip1

    whip1 Well-Known Member

    They care about as much as the union leaders care.
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  3. GO40

    GO40 Banned

    Brad will take good care of you, after all he has your best interest at heart. As for the union guys I don't think anyone is happy about the above things you mentioned....
  4. whip1

    whip1 Well-Known Member

    Brad has our best interest at heart about as much as Hoffa has the union members best interest at heart. The biggest difference is I don't pay Jacobs to not care about me.
  5. GO40

    GO40 Banned

    Your healthcare is free? What about your pension? I see two threads started about pension did Hoffa have something to do with that to? Before you use the line about central states pension fund not everyone is in that plan. We will see what the new freight god has planed soon enough....
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  6. whip1

    whip1 Well-Known Member

    Yes, I pay for health care. That's the only advantage the union drivers have over us. I don't have a pension with XPO, just a 401K. I know not every one is in the CSO. It's clear the brotherhood doesn't exist when it comes to taking care of each other there. The only people that think Jacobs is a freight god are the union drivers. I wonder why...........
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  7. Serene Gene

    Serene Gene Well-Known Member

    But really, you could only call it an advantage if having free healthcare or a pension with XPO was being denied just so Brad could repaint his house- and a lot of people seem to think that. Companies just won't support pensions or zero-cost healthcare anymore.

    The not-so-subtle suggestion, of course, is that the union can get you those things- but they'd have to ask for it from the same company that has already said "no" to free healthcare and a pension. XPO is not going to just roll over for organized employees because they don't have to and they know it. You'd better believe the Teamsters know it, too.
  8. highspeeds


    So much truth. But the brain washed masses that troll this forum won't ever understand that.
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  9. Northern Flash

    Northern Flash COMMON SENSE IS THE CURE.

    You might as well just send the grievance to will get the same attention as it will at the International Union.
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  10. Northern Flash

    Northern Flash COMMON SENSE IS THE CURE.

    That 15% that you lost in wages, easily covers the insurance at the non-union companies.
    You lose $15,000 in wages.
    The nons lose $2,600 in insurance premiums.
    Who is better off?
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  11. Northern Flash

    Northern Flash COMMON SENSE IS THE CURE.

    Exactly. The other day I read where one of them told another that "the pension isn't coming back, so get that into your head, and it will be easier to cope with".
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  12. whip1

    whip1 Well-Known Member

    That's true. When I was laid off from the union job, I went to the local office to see if they could help me find another job. The first thing they asked me was "are your dues paid?". Eight years of paying dues, and they had no interest in getting me a job that would pay dues. That told me all I needed to know about the union and what they were concerned about and how they represented the members. The pension fiasco is more proof they're just another giant corporation that only cares about getting the CEO and board paid.
  13. whip1

    whip1 Well-Known Member

    All for one and one for all.............
  14. vetran peddleman

    vetran peddleman FOR ENTERTAINMENT USE ONLY

    Oh Yeah !
  15. Stand4afuture

    Stand4afuture Well-Known Member

  16. rose glass

    rose glass Active Member

    Recent "informational" meeting my regional manager/ district whatever said pensions are a non topic. Meaning the discussion of company paid retirement is a complete waste of time. Which is a bummer to me since I think it should be on the lips of every driver
  17. survy9

    survy9 Member

    2006 called and wants its whine back.

    Seriously, the pension was terminated 11 years ago. It's time to move on. If you're still bringing it up in informational meetings, I'm not surprised they told you that discussing it is a waste of time.
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  18. wltdo

    wltdo Active Member

    Yea that's what they want. To forget about what happen
  19. upnorth

    upnorth Super Moderator Staff Member

    Take your money and self invest it. Pension is not going to happen here, and is being phased out in most companies.
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  20. wltdo

    wltdo Active Member

    Yep for years we were told we wasn't. Like most companies. Did the Canadians loose there pension

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