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Discussion in 'Averitt Express' started by jeepman, Dec 29, 2013.

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    :duh:ENOUGH IS ENOUGH......I'm tired of stiff landing gear, tired of bent landing gear crank handles, tired of bent slider rails....Is it necessary to crank the landing gear ALL the way down when you drop a trailer? Why can't you walk back 48ft to lock the tandems in?
    The only thing holding the tandems in place when you drop a trl with the tandem's unlocked, are the 4 slider clips. When a customer is unloading/loading a trl, the ONLY thing holding the trl in place is the landing gear,....guess what is getting bent. When a customers yard dog lifts our trailers loaded and unloaded to spot into a dock or yard....the only thing holding the tandems is place are the slider clips. When I pointed this out to another driver, all I got is a blank look. From NOW ON, get used to MT trailers getting dropped on avrt sectr yards with the tandems slid all the way back and locked in!

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