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Discussion in 'Fedex Freight' started by Oldpepsiguy, Feb 7, 2017.

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    I fell out of a trailer last week cracking my heel bone clear through. We are still waiting for Comp to approve a CT scan to determine if surgery will be required or not. Needless to say being off work with a debilitating injury sucks, is stressful, and dealing with Comp is a circus because everthing must be approved prior. I got a call from our safety guy today, just talked to him last Tuesday, I guess checking to see how I was getting along. He says he thinks I might not be working safely because I had one back injury and three precautionary injury reports over 19 years with AMF and FedEx Freight. So fellow employees FedEx will use your precautionary injury reports against you when you actually do have a on the job injury, to make you look like an accident going somewhere to happen. I am so ticked off by this, I probably won't take any other calls from this guy at home. What an insensitive jerk. Old school Fedex is alive an well
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    It sounds like it may be time to contact a workmans comp lawyer, you know, as a precaution. I also would advise against accepting anymore calls from him, as they are likely being recorded depending on you state law. Good luck Sir.
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    What an insensitive *****

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    Be very careful in everything you say. They pay attention to this board and it can show up on you later on. Also be very careful with what you say to the Dr.. You are best off to get a work comp attorney right away, the company will try anything to get out of paying for something.
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    Its time for you to get a Workers Comp Attorney FedEx will Roll over you. You need someone that is looking out for you. Good luck Driver

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