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    Hi guys,
    So today I was thinking, thinking about my first time out in the truck and my first experiences as a commercial truck driver out on the interstate. My first job was working for a beer distributor, but it wasn't what you would think ha-ha! They made us work through our training and trust me nobody gave me anything I earned all of it. It was well terrifying, but I said there's no going back I'll have to survive through this, it's all I can do that's what I remember thinking to my self.

    When I first started working in this industry they made me do a couple real ugly things the first one was Great Lakes OTR which was this real boring tedious shuttle run from the beer companies warehouse to Great Lakes Brewing Company's brewery in Ohio City.

    That was for a new guy a terrifying run it was 5 runs a day all drop and hook. They had two 53' that they would load and they had a few 48' that they would load as well. Usually you pulled the 48' more the 53' only went out and came back once a day. It was back and fourth. Well for a new guy who couldn't back very well and was terrible at driving stick and had a management group that well ehhh never mind...

    Anyhow it was terrifying yet I survived. The dock for the brewery the main one was on a busy side street and you had to ally dock into the dock and of course cars would try to cut around you and it was a big scary thing, yet somehow I survived. Anyhow that was a long scary week and I was glad when it was over. I remember taking my road test for the beer company gosh that still brings back bad memories scared to death didn't know to well what I was doing made it through though, heck I even passed it, but it wasn't pretty. I remember coming home from work that day with a splitting headache.

    Anyhow yeah it was all ugly and all scary, but things change times change attitudes and jobs change and for some it gets worse and others it gets better. It's just how it goes I guess.
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