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    Truckingboards does not allow unauthorized posts to commercial products free of charge and we are not a launchpad for your website,This is a ZERO tolerance policy and will get you and your website banned from this website, unauthorized commercial links are not fair to the advertisers who legitimately pay to support this website,if you would like to support Truckingboards costs we will help you promote your website.
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    Truckingboards Advertising posts cost 50.00 per Thread, and will remain active for a minimum of 1 year. You must be a member of Truckingboards to use this service.
    Advertisers will have the ability to open or close their own threads to allow or not allow comments, or delete their own posts or threads, you can change it everyday if you want. The choice is yours

    What you get...

    You get to post a description of your product and the website to go to in order to purchase your product. You may edit your post as many times as you wish to include special promotion prices or special codes to get those prices.

    Truckingboards.com reserves the right refuse any Ad and refund the amount paid, less the credit card and/or Paypal processing fees charged by those companies.If you are interested click here > http://www.truckingboards.com/forum/payments.php

    Once you have paid for this service, you will be placed in the Advertisers usergroup and will have posting permissions in this forum. This section is the only section you can post advertisements.

    If you have any questions you can contact me via email in my signature
    If you are already an Advertiser on Truckingboards (banner ad) contact me and I will give you free access to this system as long as your banner remains active. Email me your Truckingboards username

    HTML is on, so up to 10 images can be in each post of your ad, you are responsible for hosting your own images
    No bumping of threads, but you can add any legitimate post you want to your thread such as specials etc.

    Here's what you have to do
    1. Register at Truckingboards at the top of the forum if you have not already done so
    2. Go here and Purchase your thread http://www.truckingboards.com/bb/account/upgrades
    3. Come back to forum and go to this section and create your thread.
    What is not allowed.
    Automatic redirect scripts or any site that requires a download to view, threads will be removed.
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