Queensland - Train slams into truck’s trailer

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    A TRUCK driver was lucky to escape death after a freight train locomotive slammed into his trailer at a level crossing near Sarina yesterday.
    The Croyden Contract Carrier truck and trailer was carrying about 15,000 litres of cattle feed when it was hit by the train on Oonoonie Road, about five kilometres south of Sarina, about 7.30am.

    The trailer detached from the truck on impact and rolled, coming to rest upside down beside the train line.

    The locomotive was derailed but its wagons remained upright and on the track.

    The 26-year-old truck driver was not seriously injured in the smash but was treated for a sore shoulder and neck by Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) crews at the scene.

    The train driver was treated for bruising.
    Witnesses reported seeing the truck slow down before proceeding through the level crossing before the collision.

    The driver of the truck told police his vision had been affected by the sun and had contributed to the crash.


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