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    Zone Players - 8/1/2006 - Logistics Management

    Year after year, shippers say there’s a long list of characteristics that they look for in a regional LTL carrier. In fact, if we were to write a “Help Wanted” ad for a quality regional LTL, it would read like this: “Punctual, flexible, innovative problem solver who’s ready to respond with top-quality customer service on extremely short notice.” Sounds like a tall order; yet according to the 1,562 respondents in the Regional LTL categories, there are an even dozen carriers that fit this description.

    Picking up prizes in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic for the third consecutive year are A. Duie Pyle (37.04) and New Penn Motor Express (35.53). A. Duie Pyle came in on top, outscoring the pack with an impressive 12.42 in On-time Performance and a solid 5.0 in Information Technology. Joining the two repeat winners are New Century Transportation (35.87) and Pitt Ohio Express (35.15).
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    I knew we had better watch ourself with Pyle breathing down our necks.
    It's a dog eat dog world out there and the competition is around every corner and in every customers shipping office.
    My only real comment about "numbers" are ... sometimes they are really a figment of a creative management team intent on making things look better then they really are.
    At any rate, congrats to Pyle, the quiet giant has awakened and it's time to eat ( the competition ) !

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