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    Is it me or in the wake of these accusations, chgs against Hoffa officers.. Isnt it illegal to bargain a contract with ABF a concessionary contract in order to allow or get ABF to drop a lawsuit against the Teamsters due to the YRC crap? Also to bargain our vacation away to recoup the increase in health and welfare contribution (fact)! The PT issues, etc.. It was all about being sued, etc.. Is this any different than taking superbowl tickets and golf trips? it was about saving IBT butt in a lawsuit. We were lied to by our leadership. Why no pursuit on this?
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    Because trucking is the red-headed stepchild of the Labor Movement......They don't seem to care, because we don't seem to care...

    Two-thirds of our members didn't even bother to vote, except for that noisy minority in freight and UPS,.......why bother?

    The two-thirds will only become disgruntled Teamsters when their personal contract gets the Hoffa treatment.......but since Hoffa has done such a thorough job of splintering the Union with busting up national contracts and jamming through IBT Constitution changes.,..........they soon realize they are standing alone, and no other Teamster cares.

    The words "Brotherhood and Solidarity" kind of have a hollow ring nowadays......

    In those conditions, if you were a lawyer taking on the multiple contractual indiscretions perpetrated by 17 years of Hoffa rule,........what would you stand to gain?

    It would be like wetting yourself while wearing dark corduroy get a warm feeling, but nobody knows.......

    Besides,......where would you find a lawyer with altruistic principles willing to nobly fight for Labor justice? Last time I checked at the Smithsonian, they were fresh out......
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    No lawyer would take a case like this. They have student loans to pay off & kids to feed. A Lawyer always follows the money. They half to. A Lawyer is an independent business man. If the Lawyer bills $400 an hour or more, his retainer is up front, & his client is solvent, then he will break down your front door for your business. Anything less requires prayer. Von.
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