Rain may have caused a Semi Tanker crash on I-20 in Sweetwater,TX.

Discussion in 'Trucking Accidents' started by Apostolic, Sep 27, 2017.

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    It appears it's becoming the fault of weather, not of those people that travel these many roads.
    How many of US have travelled YEAR ROUND and never had a "weather related accident"??
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    This time of the year when it is dry for quite a while in this area any rain will make the dust & oil on the surface very slick.It is like when frost freezes on the road. Not quite like freezing rain but close.
    I remember a driver running in cruise mode on such a road a while back while pulling a slight grade. He couldn't figure out why a slow, under powered freight truck could possible spin out. I think he got a chargeable for it since the company would not blame it on rain of call it an act of God.
    Drive tires spin more than one might think even on dry roads. When you drive over a bump there is a short period when the tires spin while pulling. I suspect this driver probably drove a bump just before the jacknife occurred.
    Also there is always an accumulation of oil immediately past a bump in the highway that comes off vehicles that have even slight oil leaks. In the old days of the road oiling Detroit Diesel two strokes there was an oil slick where there was a bump.
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