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    I think you mean't to say LAT; Alliance. When Alliance shut down and those that transfered from Ft. Worth had the opportunity to come to
    Dallas. And No, I've never transferred anywhere...and as far as caring about anybody else, We're all one big happy family; nobody is trying to get anybody fired. But, I will say this, until someone starts paying my mortgage for me, I'm caring for myself the most.
    You folks enjoy the rest of your weekend. I've got a lot to do around the house, then I'm going to the lake.
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    Lda is da best dawg especially the hostlers watch ur ass in yard there
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    I'm not out of XKC or a "Chicagoland Terminal" so it's still 5 years and 3 months to top pay at my barn.
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    unfortunately we are looking at the future of con-way. most of these guys will damage frt. spend more time in the break room and do nothing and nothing is said to them. you take a bathroom break there's an fos waiting wanting to know what took you so long. unless the powers that be see this in the near future this company is DOOMED. just my opinion.
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    Yes , Con-way is making a profit!
    But where is this money coming from?
    All levels of management seem NOT TO CARE about the damages to customers freight - this is disturbing.

    Less drivers. Less premium pay ( overtime , higher wages )
    Less benefits to employees.
    Less independent thought/common sense ( LEAN done wrong adds a layer of bureaucracy , makes it seem like a problem is being solved when NOTHING is happening , and keeps responsibility for a problem from falling on management )
    Less senior drivers ( they are a symbol of what Con-way DOESN'T want - common sense , higher pay , more benefits , and memories of what Con-way was like years before )
    Less original ideas ( bad idea , good idea , it doesn't matter , at Con-way we will copy it - POORLY!

    More dock workers.
    More outsourcing.
    More ignoring the drivers.
    More damages.
    More LEAN done wrong.
    More things that slow down production followed by......
    More question on why you are taking so long.

    My point is , this company was founded on solid LONG TERM goals and principles.

    The last 10 years management doesn't seem to have a reliable direction to lead Con-way. Most decisions seem short term. Not good for the future.

    One thing has been consistent: Take from the bottom , give to the top.
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    "One thing has been consistent: Take from the bottom , give to the top." Isn't that socialism? If your a tea-bagger its not.. Unless you take from the rich and give to the poor...

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