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  1. Con-F-Trucker

    Con-F-Trucker Active Member

    Was not really referring to the High hourly rate I get why they get that cause the cost of living in NYC is outlandish but we should be treated equally in regards to the Overtime policy ! This is an issue they need to address ! And for the Record I would not want to live in that cold as hell city they can have it ~!
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  2. Songremainsthesame

    Songremainsthesame Well-Known Member

    I was unaware when I transferred in from truckload back in 2010, but hit the roof and started looking for another job when I did find out...
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  3. Fly-by-night

    Fly-by-night Only when you care to send the very best

    I just replied to the hourly rate. You did say that the south was getting the shaft by making less and hour. I delete the part on the OT. I do believe that the OT should be fix.
  4. icuicp

    icuicp Well-Known Member

    I've read were some believe that the southern drivers that don't have OT after 40 and after 8 have NO IDEA that the rest of the company is being paid this way.

    You used to work in the South , are the drivers in this region really that unaware? ( I find that hard to believe )
  5. JstBlendinIN

    JstBlendinIN Member

    yeah, hard to believe , but certainly has truth to it. More senior drivers most likely know about the difference.....newer drivers would have no idea,
  6. c-cat

    c-cat New Member

    Somebody please explain why guys in the South get the SHAFT!!!??? Compared to the Central Guys?
  7. icedriver

    icedriver Well-Known Member

    Nobody here can explain it. That's above our pay grade!
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  8. WHO KNOWS105


    Maybe because the UNION is strong in the North East? And it's all RIGHT TO WORK in the South??
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  9. JstBlendinIN

    JstBlendinIN Member

    yeah maybe, but probably has nothing to do with it....seems the "south" has taken the union thing to the next level at two terminals. And the "union is strong in the northeast" statement is something that held some truth many years ago.....far from it today....the words strong and union..., well that is simply an oxymoron.
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  10. smokin'joe

    smokin'joe Well-Known Member

    Ding ding....We have a winner.
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  11. Serene Gene

    Serene Gene Well-Known Member

    I don't see a difference between those two things- isn't the OT difference a regional pay differential?
  12. Serene Gene

    Serene Gene Well-Known Member

    I don't know about your barn, but the senior drivers at my place are happy to share all of their gripes with the new guys. I find it very hard to believe that new drivers in the south would somehow never hear about the OT difference.
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  13. smokin'joe

    smokin'joe Well-Known Member

    Nope.....Just ALL of us poor saps in the old CSE unit.
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  14. sucker666

    sucker666 Well-Known Member

    They do it because they can. Don't expect change to just happen do something about it.
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  15. JstBlendinIN

    JstBlendinIN Member

    No...has nothing to do with regional or market based pay rates.
  16. Serene Gene

    Serene Gene Well-Known Member

    That doesn't make sense. There's no difference between paying OT earlier in a different region and paying a higher wage in a different region. It's the same mechanism. They have to pay more in central region to be competitive for labor, and they have to pay OT earlier for the same reason. And yes, unions have a lot to do with it.

    You can argue that we should all be on the same wage and OT schedule if you want, but you can't sit there and say the wage is fair but the OT isn't.
  17. sucker666

    sucker666 Well-Known Member

    " They have to pay more in central region to be competitive for labor, and they have to pay OT earlier for the same reason. And yes, unions have a lot to do with it. "

    I'm with Gene on this one. Their only pay what they have to and where there's pressure from a union
  18. Maltman

    Maltman Active Member

    I'll step in on this one for Gene. He should have said the legacy of the unions because we would be taking a pay cut if we went to yrcw or abf's union scale right now.
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  19. sucker666

    sucker666 Well-Known Member

    I think that's a stretch
  20. Maltman

    Maltman Active Member

    It's actually just the truth. We would take a pay cut at their scale. The IBT has quite a legacy and we can thank them for things done years ago but they are a shadow of what they once were

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