Re-Training on how to load trailers

Discussion in 'XPO Logistics' started by WHO KNOWS105, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. DSR86

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    Isn't that the truth..

    To be honest, I probably wouldn't of felt better..Too much of a guilty conscience.

    My hope is that management starts to come down on the ones that try to get away with things..damaging freight, equipment, ETC. It's costing us money and customers.
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  2. vetran peddleman

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    I told one of my dsr co-workers this morning about the '3 strikes and you're out' policy concerning guys not being careful and wrecking freight. Know what he said?...and I quote, "If they do fire guys under a policy like that, then there won't be anybody left."
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  3. I got my "load training" out of the way this morning. During which I was told that xpo did their own research/study, and found that 0-2&1/2 yr employees are responsible for 90% of damages. That's freakin sad. For the last few years, con-way's definition of a "productive employee", was someone with a class A cdl, and a heartbeat.

    Maybe I wasn't completely nuts 2 or 3 yrs ago, when I was telling mgmt there was an increase in damages, and that this company needed to reevaluate the way they train new hires.
  4. Northern Flash


    Wow. I knew that it would be bad, but not that bad. Geez.

    If a company had any brains they'd be paying drivers and freight handlers top pay for within the industry and have a benefits packages second to none. Every company complains about damages and how much money comes off the bottom line profits, but they don't compensate their employees enough to keep them from jumping ship. Thus......employee turnover. So every year, they get another batch of newbies that keep wrecking stuff, whether it's trucks, freight, or customer property.
    I guess some of them will never learn.
  5. catchTHErabbit

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    well if their info came from the con-way books, then that's down right laughable! if there source is from outside conway then MAYBE i MIGHT believe it.
  6. Yes sir, sad but true.
  7. What I was told was that xpo wasn't comfortable with con-way's data, so they crunched their own numbers and that's what they came to.
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    How can they even know what numbers to crunch when so many things are marked damaged even when they aren't at the time but people mark them as such just to CYA. I mark bags damaged every single time. We are hard on bags, IMO.
  9. Northern Flash


    You might be right DSR, but marking up undamaged freight makes no sense.
    Maybe it's just me.
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  10. cdd2002

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    From what I was told by Tm that it only counts as damaged if it is actually damaged when it gets to customer.
  11. catchTHErabbit

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    and if no one marks it damaged who gets the credit for the damage? p/d driver or person who loaded it? loader will say it was ok when i loaded it,p/d guy will say it was like that when i pulled off trailer! being caught in action is the only way you should get written up. if i got fired for 3 loi's for damage that can't be proven<video,eye witness>, rest assured i will take the actions needed to rectify the wrong doings
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  12. Correct
  13. cdd2002

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    I'm sure if customer says it is damaged then p&d driver will mark it up damaged. The then the last person to load it will get credit if they didn't mark up.
  14. catchTHErabbit

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    " it was damaged by p/d drivers violent driving" said the last person to load it!!! then what?
  15. Rastus

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    What if someone reworks a trailer and damages everything in the process? Think anyone will remember two days later?
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    But it's suppose to be scanned on and off the trailer each time driver. The handhelds will stop phantom damages, and they will have full visibility. Anyone remember this line of BS when they rolled out the handhelds?
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  17. catchTHErabbit

    catchTHErabbit PRAISE THE LORD!and pass the ammunition PLEASE!!!!

    and there's the flaw
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  18. Rastus

    Rastus ..“We caught em”..

    Yea but I don't think I've seen that done once.
  19. Blue-done-4-U

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    I REMEMBERED !! I load the trailer right strapped the tall electric panel to the wall, with 3 straps FOS comes out has dockworker and himself pull everything off to put a late arrival in the nose the dock worker nor the FOS did not strap it back. The panel fell and was crushed and bent with a refusal and broke another shipment of glassware along with some corn syrup of another customer. The next day all 3 was in OSD they call me in to give me an LOI, not this cat you and the dockworker failed the process. Do you remember now!! I told the SCM in front of FOS and DW that they failed to follow the Holy Grail (standard works) and they needed the correction not me Well 2 LOI's are written up and I did not get one, but I will pay dearly with retaliation from the FOS, which has become common practice!!!
  20. Let the games begin.

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