Replacement Worker Follies

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  1. OHFL is using a crack team of **** drivers to "clear the system". Here are just a few examples.

    One salesman in a non-airbrake rental straight truck got into two collisions with parked vehicles at his first stop. He attempted to flee the scene after hitting a F-150 but picketers informed the business. He pretended he didn't know. After dealing with the paperwork, he got into a second collision as he was leaving.

    Another **** did not know about releasing air out of a dolly to get it to roll freely and aired it up with his tractor lines to move it! Check him for his doubles qualification! This was witnessed at a customer's appliance warehouse facility by picketing teamsters.

    CRST took a wrong turn at the AUB terminal and went into a tight residential neighborhood and layed a 53' against a tree. I personally witnessed a large wrecker truck going to his rescue.

    This is just day one! Any more gems...please share.
  2. BillyLo

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    The two of the incidents sounded like they're away from the yard. Were the picketing teamsters following their replacements in order to witness this?

    As for the CRST..................... just another day in the life of a coolie carrier.
  3. livlly909

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    Yes, it's called ambulatory picketing.
  4. livlly909

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    The guy I was following kept running over curbs, was speeding constantly and didn't know how to back into a door without attempting it about 5 failed times. Bunch of geniuses they've got.
  5. harleydude1

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    Had a **** replacement turn left out of auburn trying to get the the freeway,had to turn his set around in a apartment complex and drive by all the Teamsters again. They only hire the best?
  6. CRST was rarely seen in the Auburn yard before the strike. Yesterday I saw several. I'm just guessing they're using them to cover line runs. It would be nice to see an early snow at the 2500 foot level and see how far their freight gets.
  7. bigdogpile

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    its more like stalking and intimidation, Do your customers really need to see your dirty ways? theres just to many other frieght companys to pic from. If oak harbor was late on my del. I would dump em, thats what your facing, comform or be broke:smilie_132:
  8. BillyLo

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    Com'on Driver, they'll just move up to the next best if CRST fails.... Interstate Dist. :hysterical::hysterical::hysterical:
  9. truckchick1

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    These fine replacement drivers tried to hide from the roving pickets in ABF's yard (pretty smart huh?) They were told to get out of our yard and do not comeback until a teamster was driving the truck.
  10. hairbear

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    I support you all in your job action, I hope you are able to prevail. Having said this, I have been told by a friend of mine that is a shop steward, that some of the people currently working up there are regular employees from states that are not part of your collective bargaining agreement. I was told that they were to pack a bag with seven days worth of clothes and head north. If they did not feel like it, fine, just come in and pick up your final check. Please remember this when dealing with people driving your equipment during the strike.
  11. truckchick1

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    well then they better vote in the union so the company can not treat them that way.
  12. shoeman

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    :hysterical::hysterical: Thats friggin hilarious!!! Good luck guys/girl!!
  13. bigdogpile

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    they are going to hire the *cabs full time and put them up ahead the teamsters on the senority board:hide::biglaugh:
  14. A driver just got an overweight violation at the Federal Way SB scales this morning. He had 29000 on his drives according to witnesses. He was driving a single screw town rig licensed for 54k. It was probably overgross too. It had to be squashed to the rims leaving the yard. I guess they haven't found the scale in the yard to check-weigh yet, assuming they have enough sense to do that. He was still shut down around 11:15 when I went by, and I got the news around 9:45.
  15. teamster elvis

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    You should really stay out of something you know nothing about. You should really keep your ignorant comments to yourself. These guys are the real deal. They are the ones who have taken it to the streets to preserve all that we deserve in this industry. You are a participant in the middle class due to men and women such as these fine Oak Harbor Teamsters. What have you done lately to protect our standard of living, little boy? All of your posts on this web site , have been riddled with disrespect for the hand that feeds you. That's right, I'm talking about the Teamsters. You will never concede to the fact that you have been riding the coat tails of organized labor. But that just shows how ignorant you are in regards to reality. The threat and follow through of strikes in the past (from militant Teamsters) that were not afraid to go to jail for the evening, are exactly why your pay rivals those of numerous professional careers. You have to be one of the most ungrateful simple minds I have encountered. Teamster Elvis out....
  16. That would only happen during an economic strike which this is not. I hear from friendly management(old beer buddies) that they cannot stand these guys. They reek of BO and nicotine and look like they've been dragged out of a crackhouse. The whole terminal smells! I doubt if some of them actually possess the credentials necessary to keep the job. Clean urine and a hazmat fingerprint check are probably put to the side during these desperate times.
  17. The Answer

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    These *cabs are calling thier friends to protect them from our Mobile pickets. I hear reports that one truck leaving the auburn had a white suburban type suv follow him and block teamsters at stop lights so he could get away from them. He reportedly was driving down the wrong side of the road into oncoming cars at high speeds trying to keep the teamsters away from the *cab truck one member told me. This is a bad place for the company to be if these *cabs start acting like vigilantees. Imagine the endless lawsuit posibilites.
  18. silvertooth

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    The one we followed last night flipped two U turns over sidewalks! Then he stopped at a green light and waited until it turned yellow in an attempt to lose us! After that he locked up the brakes on I-5 downtown Portland and stopped in between the exit and the freeway. We just sat there patiently with our hazards on, when he finally got to the gap to make his delivery the pallets were all over the trailer! I would never operate a commercial vehicle in this way, and I imagine in traffic it will become even harder for them to pull stuff like this. I really honestly think one of these guys is going to hurt someone before this is all over.
  19. robind

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    We heard today that set coming up from Ore. were stopped at the scales because they were loaded with haz mat and the drivers did not have that endorsement on their licenses! Major tickets on that one! We also heard that the drivers they brought up from CA. did not know they were being brought up to replace the striking drivers and that had they known they wouldn't have come up....and their tickets were one way! If it were me, I'd pay my own way home and found a honest company to work for.......I wasn't aware that lying was christian like?
  20. Crazy One

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    Keep the pressure on Gentleman!! Seems to be working! I personally witnessed two Oak Harbor Trucks giving what appeared to be a road test. One right behind the other.What a Joke!! I could not see who the testers where -but im sure they were well Quialified-Ha!
    As a former employee of OHFL I wish you the Best of Luck-I hope to support you on the lines soon. Take Care All !!!

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