Republican Threatens Refugees: “I’ll Shoot Them Myself” To “End Their Miserable Lives!”

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Magoo, Dec 7, 2015.

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    Ok....lets "elect" someone that has vowed to "carpet bomb the middle east and make the dessert sand glow".....or someone that has vowed to "shoot down Russian aircraft......".....

    If you think, even for an instant, that those "policies" are going to be a grand're just kidding yourself....

    ISIS is going to do want they are going to.....regardless of who is in the White House...... ISIS is neither "Republican" nor "Democrat".... and that means terrorism is not going to disappear anytime soon...
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    Better stuff to swipe in the burbs. All the good stuff on the South side of Chicago is already gone. Everybody knows that.
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    Sounds like a candidate that American should get behind if they want to survive.

    With the right person in the White House, every time they pull their crap against America, we destroy another large group of theirs. And when enough of their pals get toasted, they'll realize that they need to find someone else to bully around.

    Exactly. And most Americans (73% to be exact) don't feel like we (Obama) are doing enough against terrorism. So Democrats and Republicans alike realize that we need strong leadership in the White House.......thus Trump and Cruz's domination.

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