Researching Driver Drowsiness Technology for Trucking Industry

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    Hello truckers of truckingboards. I am an engineering student trying to research market interest and requirements for a technology. One of the topics for research was driver drowsiness technology for automobiles, and I thought to myself what kind of consumers would need this the most, which is why I am here.

    Given it would be hard for me to contact fleets and individual truck drivers personally, I wanted to ask you guys of your opinion and interest of this technology. NHTSA has reported that 83000 crashes per year can be related to driver drowsiness and 2.6% of fatalities due to automobiles are caused by driver drowsiness. These facts of drowsiness related accidents is what interested me in choosing this topic for research.Driver drowsiness technology can mitigate these accidents by actively warning the driver when they are falling asleep or how sleepy they are according to a score of drowsiness.

    I know some of these technologies are available as aftermarket solutions, but I don't know if you guys commonly use them. I know they have been available in passenger vehicles for a while now. If some of you guys use it, I would like to know what you like about that technology, what you want to change about that technology, and your interest in it. For those that do not currently use them, would you be interested in it, what features are you looking for in such a technology, and any other opinions you may have.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I would greatly appreciate any insight you could provide.

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