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    How do you all execute a inside delivery? In the beginning of my employment, with sefl, my trainer would go into the residence and put the freight where ever the customer requested. After each inside delivery I asked him how I would be protected from any issues that might or could arise from any claims against me while inside that residence at that time. He looked at me with a puzzled expression on his face. No answer was given. After i was let loose, to this very day, i conduct my inside deliveries this way: Baxter deliveries\saline inside the front door while OPEN. Pride mobility products, inside the front door while OPEN. Any other inside delivery requests, inside the front door while OPEN!. I do it this way so I can limit my exposure to claims of damage to floors walls personal effects on tables, shelf's ect... With the door wide open it allows me a avenue of retreat in an open area. It allows the general public access to my actions. With the door shut behind me, it is my word against the customers claims. I ask this because when I asked several coworkers they go in and in some cases into the interior of the residence including the bedrooms!!!!!!!!!!!! We know what that can lead to. So I ask again, how do all of you do your residential inside deliveries
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    In the beginning with sefl I would take things inside where the customer wanted. What changed it for me was when a customer wanted an 800lb roll of carpet upstairs. When I told them I couldn't do it and they went off that ended my putting things where they wanted. I just told customers we could only set the freight inside the front door. We could not go any furthur due to insurance reasons. Also just be honest and tell people that your hand truck rolls accross a dirty dock and they do not want dirt/grease in their homes. Also if they have more than a few stairs I would bring the freight back. Its not worth breaking your neck if you fall. Sefl will flush you down the drain if you get injured. Make sure you get a liftgate if its on the d/r and make the dispatcher call the customer. They don't need your number and don't let the dispatcher say its your job to call its theirs. If its not safe for a 53' trailer to go there have them meet you or bring it back to go out on a pup. If they keep putting it on you on a 53 keep bringing it back. Remember the driver is responsible for anything that goes wrong.

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    sometimes its just better to set it where they want it and get out of there. because if you say no, its gonna be an argument and they gone call in on you. i used to set it where ever that was reasonable and roll.
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    I have been on a dedicated liftgate run for 14 years. I have the liftgate every day and get residentials on an infrequent basis. When i was new and didnt know any better, i would bring freight in the actual house if requested. Now, i could care less what the delivery reciept says. I go as far as the Garage. If there is a driveway thats snow covered and the resident wont shovel then it stays at the curb. I learned the hard way and wont be set up for failure or a law suit period!!
  5. Girn

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    That s how i look at it, thanks for your response.
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    I have worked for several different companies over the years and SEFL is the only company i been told to bring stuff inside houses!! I have always been told about liability at other LTL so im confused and sometimes get different answers from dispatch and different managers. It is begging for a law suit from not only damages but what if a lady is home alone and wants to make some money by making up a story. Then u will be out of a job and in legal trouble.
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    Law Suit City..At OD that's a no-no..Front door only..If a customer want's inside Del.with Furn,etc it called White Glove Service & is set up with a third party for Del..Mostly Furniture del..But,yes I can see a big problem with going in a resident's.Good be a female by herself,Floor,etc get's mess'd up,anything is possible now a day's..
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    You are exactly correct! At N&M, we have interlined with alot of LTL outfits. Prior to CCX getting a liftgate at their Neenah Wi. terminal, they gave us all the local liftgate freight. This was also true with ABF. A year ago their appleton terminal finally was allocated a Liftgate pup. Until then they also gave us all of their liftgate freight. Most of my deliveries were done prior to Noon. Most of the time a women was at home by themselves as well as sometimes teenagers. There was absolutely NO CHANCE In HELL i would set my self up for failure, Garage was as far as i went.
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    refuse to take that freight inside and it says inside delivery on the bill and they call in and see what happens at sefl. we deliver motel freight down hall ways thru 3-4 doors or more. you damned if you do and damned if you dont
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    Call your company, get permission to do an inside del. sign inside del. on bill, have consignee sign it, take freight in home, slip & fall, scream in pain, yell for ambulance, don't move cause your back & neck are in pain, go to emergency rm., next day call in , mark off, hire a well known TV lawyer, sue your company, the home owner, & your mother-in-law for making you work so hard to support her daughter... live off your millions, divorce wife, move to carribean. :)

    easy peasy
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