Riot and looting last night.

Discussion in 'The Drivers Lounge' started by TedWard, Aug 11, 2014.

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    Have you ever stopped to consider the common denominator when you have had personal issues with the cops? I mean if EVERY cop you have dealt with has been so terrible, might you consider that you are the reoccurring factor during these meetings that has so jaded your opinion of law enforcement?

    Just saying.

    If you need me to get out my crayons and draw you a picture I am really handy at drawing.
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    Nope, not just me. I grew up watching corrupt cops do anything they want
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    Ya sure. ......
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    well if you "grew up watching", then you probably live in a city or state, that is highly corrupt to begin with, and maybe you should move..?? or maybe you watch "Serpico" every day.

    corruption has many facets of which it survives. and it can survive in politics, all the way down to the average "Joe Citizen" at his factory job"...(employee theft, cooking the books, embezzlement, etc,etc)

    you say "maybe 1% of the cops are good"....that could be YOUR area, YOUR city/town.

    given what i have seen (or read) on tv, the newspapers, internet, there are indeed "bad cops", but they actually fall into such a low percentage of the law enforcement community.

    i personally am not the biggest fan the cops will ever have, but at the very least, i do not spout off at the mouth making such a statement as you do, that "maybe 1% are good". do YOU HAVE exact proof of your numbers...???

    i think not.

    i agree with what wildheart had said, that maybe it is YOU that was the root cause of any problems you have ever had, which makes you say that only 1% of the cops are good.

    do YOU have a criminal past, got caught and blame the cops for arresting you..???

    i got a clean and clear background.......and you.......????
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    Maybe you will get lucky and get your 1% when you're in need...
  6. pro1driver

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    a long ago driving instructor once told us in class (and i have to paraphrase most of this)..

    "no matter how much you hate the cops, when you're broke down, inside your truck, and the temps are sub-zero cold, and you have no heat, you WILL BE HAPPY to see that cop".....
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    ,22 watched The Wire one too many times.

  8. TedWard

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    I don't know if any of you are following this story, I've read a couple of the articles.

    Again, we'll never really know what actually happened, I don't trust the eye witnesses any more than the police accounts. First off if he had put his hands up instead of attacking the officer, then the statements of "hands up don't shoot" would be more credible. And for goodness sake, if the officer tells you to get out of the street... do it, what is the problem here? The only thing that would make sense to me is if as a result of the struggle or sometime during the struggle the officer got the impression that Brown was armed, the officer may have mistakenly believed that Brown had taken a weapon from the car or off his person, if the officer believed that Brown was armed, then the shooting makes sense.

    I spent the day yesterday telling all my customers that I was going to head over to Ferguson after work to pick up a few things...

    I asked one of my more favorite customers if he had heard that one of the local news stations had actually paid cash to some of the inner city gang members to come out to Ferguson and keep the pot stirring because the story was too good and they wanted to keep reporting on it. Well his eyes widened and his jaw dropped with incredulity... "Really?" I told him no I just made that up, but it wouldn't be hard to believe.

    I proceeded to tell him what was really going on. This was before the curfew which I knew wasn't going to work because there are in fact larger forces involved. We have the State Troopers in control now, we are a short step away from becoming an actual police state. Right now the police are allowing the looters to loot, if you want to keep what is yours you have to be strong enough to hang on to it, so we have some good citizens blockading their favorite stores not allowing them to be looted, and some of the store owners are keeping watch over their merchandise with firearms.

    It may seem that the police are choosing their battles, but they are actually just biding their time and allowing the tension to build. Eventually something really bad is going to happen, people will be severely injured and perhaps die, quite possibly some truly innocent children. And then the troops will land and everything will be okay, but the public outcry nationwide at that point will be why did it take so long to get the situation under control? Why wasn't the National Guard brought in sooner? How can this be avoided in the future?

    And the answer is some new legislation that will mandate a National Guard deployment immediately when certian events happen or a certain level of unrest is apparent. And we will lose another important chunk of our freedom as a result. This legislation has already been written and certain senators have instructed certain government agencies have their covert ops hoodlum division agents on the scene to keep this party going. I've seen them, so called gangstaz wearing Kevlar.

    And he got a sad and worried look on his face and said "It's gonna get bad isn't it?" and I told him no, I was just being paranoid.

    So he started laughing his head off realizing that I had gotten him three times in a row.
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    Total lack of leadership allowed this situation to get out of control. Curfew should've been in place and enforced after the FIRST night of rioting (I refuse to call it protesting any longer). I love MO, but our governor is a complete joke. Listen to him speak to the press Thursday, at a press conference which should've taken place immediately after it became obvious that the situation had gotten out of control, every other word out of his mouth was "uh" or "um". Blamed the police's hard nosed response for the intensity of the riots, police back off under the direction of the State Patrol, and now the bad guys have free reign. Completely clueless, completely out of his element, and somehow he keeps getting re-elected.
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    i am not familiar with the state of MO, and it's inept politicians, God only knows how inept mine are...

    that being said, frankly my feelings were, that the national Guard should have been called out after the first riot.

    if it is then called "marshal law" then so be it to quell the animals that seem fit to think that rioting, hurting, and looting are acceptable procedures to follow after a "person of color" is shot, and killed....did any of said rioters see the tape of that thug stealing AND assaulting the store keeper..whom by the way didn't "appear to be white" to me....???

    why is it "acceptable to them" to commit crimes against someone else, but when shot at, and or THEN BECOMES a racial issue...??

    wasn't it a "racial issue" when the store keeper, clearly a person of a color other than white, was strong armed and robbed..???

    i'm sick and tired of the news, which feeds of of this shyte.

    i don't even watch the news anymore when this story comes on...

    my remote controls, yes controls, are always near me when the tv is on.....

    it is SO EASY to click it off and watch MeTv instead.....

    if the gooberner of MO cannot call out the National Guard, then maybe a politician with balls ought too.....??????
  11. RacerX69

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    We all know that we should never believe anything we hear and only half of what we see.

    And we also know that the media is in business to sell the "news" to make money, and usually only tells the side of the story that generates the best return for the shareholders. Rarely is a news account completely factual, or even a true and accurate accounting of what actually happened.

    The media is in the business of selling slanted and sensationalistic reports of what happens in the World each day, and embellishment is what sells the news.

    When I first saw this report on the evening news I thought that it was another one of those situations where some people got a bit too unruly at a demonstration, then things deteriorated so rapidly that the cops were overwhelmed by it all. It did appear at first that the cop over reacted and killed this kid in cold blood.

    Why did he not try a non lethal method first? A tazer would have been a better option, although like all of you, I was not there. I have absolutely no idea what exactly went down. Things happen fast in situations like that.

    So each day the news reported about the looting, vandalism and violence. The stories related accounts of the cops in camo riot gear, with their military style vehicles, machine guns, and clubs. The media, with their slanted journalistic style, was painting a very dark picture with regard to the local law enforcement agencies.

    Then, later in the week, video of this young man robbing a convenience store was released.

    Hmmm . . . . . .

    Suddenly, this 18 year old "child" has become a towering, formidable, ruthless and vicious brute. The video (if it really is him, again, I do not know these people, and only know that the media has been spewing forth) clearly shows a very large man stealing something from a store. When the merchant attempts to stop him the man first grabs and shoves him, then starts towards the door again. As the merchant makes a second attempt at stopping the person the guy simply moves toward him in a threatening manner.

    Does this give the cop reason to shoot him later on?

    Certainly not.

    By all accounts, the cop was not even aware of Mr. Brown's actions at the store.

    So I cannot say one way or the other if the cop was justified. I also cannot say if the people who were rioting were justified in all the looting, vandalism and violence.


    Why do people behave like this?

    Why do they feel empowered to go around destroying property that is not theirs?

    Why do they feel as if it is OK to steal merchandise and property that does not belong to them?

    Why do they feel that it is OK to go around beating up on people at random?

    There is nothing that makes any sense when large groups of people engage in this sort of activity. All it does is create an atmosphere of hate, violence and mistrust.

    And far too many innocent people get injured or killed in the wake of it all.

    And now, the fine print:

    { I do have to add my own personal point of view about what happened to Mr. Brown. I have always believed in Karma. What goes around, comes around. If the video of Mr. Brown's activity at the store is any indication of how he was behaving prior to the events that led up to his death, then he had it coming. So you sow, so you shall reap. }

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