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Discussion in 'Oak Harbor' started by truckchick1, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. prplpride123

    prplpride123 New Member

    I see they have updated their site again... I'm anxiously awaiting silvers take on it
  2. truckchick1

    truckchick1 Active Member

    Ok guys, heard another good one today. Heard ohfl is taking a 10% pay cut. Now I wonder how good a job the replacements think it is?
  3. 1 Lone Ranger

    1 Lone Ranger Active Member

    It's true.And my understanding is that it also is to include management.

    It takes effect Jan 1.
  4. truckchick1

    truckchick1 Active Member

    :party-smiley-017::party-smiley-017:My question is what is management doing with only 30% work load? They can lie to us about the numbers but we still see all the empties sitting around town. Any of the drivers who have been here for any length of time knows exactly what kind of business level the company is operating at without their BS letters to all the happy customers.
  5. Kiddriver

    Kiddriver Member

    right on

    TRUCKCHICK You are right on!:1036316054: They are moving next to nothing. A 10% pay cut to all is another tell tale sign. Things at OHFL are not as they say on their web site. It is kinda like the TITANIC. They are telling everyone that is all OK. This ship can't sink! It's taking on water faster than it can be pumped out. All the while the VPs are up on the bow yelling " I'm the King of the World":bowdown:
  6. truckchick1

    truckchick1 Active Member

    Pretty funning. I can almost picture Ed standing on the bow of the Titanic yelling that. Of course rumor has it he spends much more time down in the berth.
  7. Kiddriver

    Kiddriver Member


    :boat: Dave on the bow :hysterical: Ed down below.:1036316054:

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