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  1. highspeeds


    They have already done this in some locations. It's not a trust thing at all. Cameras everywhere. But it is a lot better than the vending machines. And they offer some better quality food too. I just pay with my credit card.
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    Oh, OK so it is true. They said the food would be a lot better. Good Deal
  3. WHO KNOWS105


    Does it charge you more using your credit card, I swiped mine on a regular vending machine and it added .30 cents more?
  4. highspeeds


    yeah, it's true. It's still sandwiches and salads. Candy bars and chips. But without the constraints of needing to be machine vendable, they can offer a bit more. So it's nice.
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  5. highspeeds


    was probably the tax. I paid 37 cents tax on my lunch from last night.
  6. They have this system at XCW. I was getting ready to leave and I wanted a drink and I walked into this little mini store and was like whoa, this is cool. Noticed the camera on the screen watching my every move. I liked it. Very easy and simple. Then when you go to pay its just like going to a self checkout line at the grocery store.
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    Plus were already used to cameras watching our every move anyways.
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  8. Very true!
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    Good for you guys at Yellow Roadway, we as truck drivers hate to see anyone lose their job, keep up the good-dedicated work brother.
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    XPO has suddenly made their Facebook unpublic. Before today you could view the company facebook page without logging in and now it requires you to log in.
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  11. TiredDvrsWife

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    I can see their FB page but if you're talking about group then maybe they went to closed.
  12. ConwayDSR

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    Sure you aren't logged in? When I go to the URL it asks for my login and it previously(yesterday) didn't do that.
  13. TiredDvrsWife

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    Not a member. Haven't joined anything XPO. Facebook page and Facebook group are 2 different animals. Only time I've had to put in my info is if I had logged out or cleaned the cookies on the computer/cellphone.
  14. ConwayDSR

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    Huh. Thanks! Maybe I was just being over speculative. I'm real curious of any changes that are happening even subtle ones. Disregard!
  15. TiredDvrsWife

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    You can't be too careful with Con-Way and as far as XPO...who knows right now? Have to keep an eye out to keep from being blind sided but things can come out of the blue on a SC. LTA being shutdown is one.
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    Don't know what/how you tried but I just looked at their page without signing in
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    XPO Facebook is not unpublic. There is a landing page to ween out robots. Enter the letters and numbers as you see them in the box provided to prove you are a human and not a computer program - You'll be granted access without a Facebook account or having to log in if you have one.
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    Maybe he got banned? :hilarious:
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    New software updates and new gadgets (handhelds in this case) always make me nervous. IT fellows are out of touch with reality. You gotta wonder, do they thoroughly TEST these things before they roll them out???
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