Runaway truck hits my truck at fuel island. Lake Havasu, Arizona

Discussion in 'Trucking Accidents' started by mustangsally, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. mustangsally

    mustangsally New Member

    An oversize load parked in the Love's truckstop had failing brakes. My truck was at the fuel islands, when he crashed into the side of it. It took over 40 min. to find the driver. He admitted to having faulty
    brakes. Scary part is if I had been on that side of the truck at the time.

    Turns out his insurance is not valid and it has been a major headache to get the money for the downtime and getting the truck fixed. It still is not settled.

    Even though I told the police officer that truck should not go out on the interstate, as I felt they were going to kill themselves or someone else, the officer said it was private property and he only came out as a courtesy. To my knowledge DOT were not called at that time, though the safety director was going to report it.

    So what I learned from this is you can never let your guard down, because this could well have been a huge tragedy, not just for me but if anyone was walking across the parking lot at that moment.

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  2. Apostolic

    Apostolic Super Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks for your post and observations of law enforcement authority in that area mustangsally.
    Sorry to hear you are having so much difficulty over this issue.

    I will also note that it seems that truck stops have become some very dangerous private property over the past few years.
    I have been seeing reports of drivers being hit and killed with the truckers that did it just hitting the road.

    So as always please stay focused on everything you are doing in trucking, and be safe.
  3. chitownpeddler

    chitownpeddler Well-Known Member

    It looks like this isn't his first accident since his hood is a different color then the rest of his tractor
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  4. mustangsally

    mustangsally New Member

    You are probably right. I believe that is a 94 freightliner, I tell you that was a rock solid truck. Only damage he got was a headlight and a marker light. My truck wasn't so lucky, in fact the impact pushed my truck over at least 4ft.

    The truck is fixed now but it will be a while before I see any money for it.

    I am still stunned on how far that truck rolled across parking lot, until it hit mine.

    The ironic part is the fuel pumps were backed up when I came in and I had to wait. Then conveniently everyone had cleared out, and my truck was a direct target.
  5. Cerberus_Kelpie

    Cerberus_Kelpie Well-Known Member

    Thank You mustangsally!!

    You at least have ALL PERTINENT INFORMATION like DL#, Address, etc., so in the event nothing happens with any settlement, you CAN HARASS that excuse of a driver as well post such information on some sites so if/when other drivers become victims, they'll have as well a way to HARASS the twit.

    It SUCKS that there are so many useless people driving trucks.

    If such accident happened on a City/County Street or State Highway, such flatfoots could have done something constructive like having the wrecker vehicle towed for carrying faulty insurance.
    Geez Loueez, if a 4 wheeler has no or faulty insurance and is involved in such occurence, is the one at fault not given a large ticket or towed regardless of incident location??
    Cops haven't had any problems wandering onto private property (truck stops) and waking up drivers to examine their log books yet these same flatfoots can't do anything constructive FOR Drivers!??!

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  6. mustangsally

    mustangsally New Member

    I can tell you that same truck had two OOS, at different scales, in the last six months.

    Why would a police officer allow that truck back on the road, given what happened? I know it was private property but if a drunk driver hit someone they wouldn't allow him back on the road. I still feel he could have done more. I even told the driver of the truck that if he had any responsibility he would not move that truck until it was fixed. This was an over sized load too.

    I mean WTH where is the driver's common sense!
  7. Cerberus_Kelpie

    Cerberus_Kelpie Well-Known Member

    That's the main problem with many People and such ventures across all venues: a great lack of COMMON SENSE.

    Driver doesn't give 2 hoots as long as into his wallet, the pay pollutes.

    If COMMON SENSE is, why isn't it??
    We're in the "I'm NOT responsible", "It's NOT my problem" world.

    --unfortunately, it'll take him killing someone before he's done driving and hopefully for the safety of all Motorists, he'll kill himself and we'll read about it--

    CROCKETT Member

    That looks like freymiller's truck, why r u worrried about it, get a life....
  9. chitownpeddler

    chitownpeddler Well-Known Member

    The cop said since it was private property he was there as a courtesy so I guess when they wake you up to check your log book it is a courtesy as well
  10. rodedawg

    rodedawg Dockworker with a CDL

    Did it ever occur to you he might be an owner operator???

    CROCKETT Member

    [TE=rodedawg;955866]Did it ever occur to you he might be an owner operator???[/QUOTE]

    Like i said, it looks like freymillers truck!!!!!! You won't own anything workin for DON!!!!!
  12. mustangsally

    mustangsally New Member

    You are not only stupid you can't read. I said " My truck " You just proved that anyone can get a CDL.
  13. mustangsally

    mustangsally New Member


    Like I said you are stupid, Don doesn't own the company now. Before you run your mouth get your facts straight.
  14. Apostolic

    Apostolic Super Moderator Staff Member

    Come on now ladies & gents please don't get into an argument because of an oversight.
    We are all human and prone to make errors from time to time.
    However as adults I think we can just let it slide rather than being bitter,where nobody wins.
    I like to run a peaceful forum in the name of trucking safety,and don't want to have to see any of the posts get out of hand.
    So please either agree to disagree and move on,or I will be forced into taking other not so nice measures.
  15. chitownpeddler

    chitownpeddler Well-Known Member

    Come on......we are truck drivers.....we know everything and are never wrong Just ask my wife
  16. Cornbinder

    Cornbinder Steering wheel holder

    I'll just say this, YES the cop should have parked him. The police don't have problem's entering truck stop property (private property) just to view our log's (as allready stated) or anything else THEY want.

    the oversized load should have been put in off duty. Tracter should have been red flagged............

    CROCKETT Member

    like i said it's not your truck!!!!!
  18. Cerberus_Kelpie

    Cerberus_Kelpie Well-Known Member

    Jeez mate, the truck that was hit was the truck that was hit regardless of NAME ON IT!!
    Careless drivers that allow their vehicles to hit other vehicles need themselves be hit a few times and maybe their vehicles as well.
    So CROCKETT, get ya a truck, put yer name on the side (if not already done) and when ya get hit by a errant clueless, careless driver in a truckstop, we can assault you with words too, otherwise have a nice day. :fingure:

    The wrecker truck was allowed to continue its journey because of law enforcement job security.
    If all bad vehicles were eliminated from the roads as soon as discovered, there wouldn't be anything for those law enforcers to do but HARRASS the remaining vehicles, in which would be US GOOD, DECENT, UNDERCOMPENSATED SAFE DRIVERS.

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  19. Looks like a Mexican truck haha.
  20. rodedawg

    rodedawg Dockworker with a CDL

    AAHH C'mon Apostolic

    You haven't had this much excitement in your forum for a long time.:hysterical::1036316054:

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