Running Food For Easter Sunday

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    Hi guys and gals,
    Busy Friday for me I was all on my own with a cases count in the high 800s today. Hotels and restaurants all ordering heavy for Easter Sunday, second stop of the day was 200 cases stop after that 25 cases stop after that 160 cases and it went up and down from there.

    Heavy things to like boxes of potato's because the one place makes there own french fries so they buy a lot of potatoes and I lump them down the stairs with my two wheeler. Along with there other fine selection of dry goods and frozen products as well.

    Monday this past week I had an interesting stop it was an easy dock stop, really was the whole stop was on a pallet. 124 cases of all beef, Hebrew National Kosher Hot Dogs. $9,000+ dollars was the invoice I had never seen $9,000 worth of hot dogs usually you can get 2 hot dogs at the gas station for $0.99!

    I was a bowling ally that actually got a little bit 2 they were by no means the heaviest, but for them they had a little bit of an order. That natural raw chicken is kind of heavy. Any how I load up my wheeler and just let it pull me down the ramp it probably starts to drag me at 8-9 miles an hour down the ramp. Then when it's dragging you down the ramp and you're wheelers really heavy you can feel the ramp flexing. Last Monday I drove a load of potatoes off the ramp totally off the ramp the wheeler went over the side guard of the ramp and I just let it go 5 cases of red skin potato's totally off the ramp.

    I told the chef there and he's a nice guy I said "Chef man you're walk in freezer is to full and to much of a mess I left a stack of frozen in the cooler."

    He said "That was all cool."

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