Safe Work Methods (Injury Prevention Tips)

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    Safe Work Methods

    1. Job Setup: Preparation prevents injury.
    2. Lifting and Lowering: Never get caught in the double play.
    3. Slips and Falls: Maintain a stance that puts you in control.
    4. Pushing and Pulling: Think Power Zone.
    5. Powered Equipment: If it can move, it will.
    6. Plan for the Unexpected: If it can happen, it will.

    Eight Keys To Lifting And Lowering

    1. Get close to the object. Work within your Power Zone.
    2. Position your feet, shoulder width apart, one foot slightly ahead of the other.
    3. Bend at the knees and maintain the natural curve of the back.
    4. Test the object for weight and shifting contents.
    5. Get a firm grip and grasp opposite corners.
    6. Lift with a smooth, steady motion. Don't jerk.
    7. Move your feet. Step or pivot. Don't twist.
    8. Use equipment to assist in the lift and lower.

    Five Keys To Preventing Slips And Falls

    1. Look before you step.
    2. Establish firm footing.
    3. Adjust to changing conditions.
    4. Don't run, walk at a brisk pace.
    5. Stay off of freight, fork lift blades and elevated surfaces.

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