San Francisco CA-Sysco Foods Records Reveal Drivers HOR's Exceeding Federal Limits

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    then i say..."shut down ALL eateries for the holidays and after about 11:00 PM daily"

    i see NO valid reason for any eatery to be open nearly 24/7/365.

    i have been working on the eve of the holidays now with my job, all because the manager of the warehouse wants all his freight on the docks when the service centers open "the day after"...but each year, the tradesmen take the week off from Christmas till New Years, so when i get there the day after a major holiday, the freight is STILL on the docks.!! (yet another reason why i am seeking new employment)

    but, i do not deliver to eateries..

    when i got back just the other day (T-Day morning) the Agar (now Rheinhart) drivers were jammed in the parking lot at 4 AM, ready to go out on deliveries....

    a Pizza Hut manager at a franchise store, was FIRED because he refused to open on T-Day, and the corp ordered that the franchise owner TAKE HIM BACK (check the web), all because he wanted his employee's to have a holiday off...

    why can't ALL eateries SHUT THE FRIG DOWN on holidays as well..?????

    Sysco in this news report, is guilty as all hell for creating the conditions in which the drivers have problems....

    but so is (probably) any other food distributor/warehouse....

    Agar (Rheinhart) still has a never ending "help wanted" sign out the front of the parking lot......

    what does that tell anyone.....???
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    Very FEW restaurants were open Thursday yet we found one IHop and hopped right in.
    Not again too likely to hop in anytime soon.
    Flapjacks were good.

    On reason I REFUSE to ever do food stock deliveries, other than a FULL TRUCKLOAD.

    Companies with PERMANENT "help wanted" signs tell me to STAY AWAY, same with those permanent ads, when/where still available.
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    Quote from article

    [Barrett Masso was behind the wheel when he felt the full force of a Sysco big rig at 55MPH as it collided into his car, stalled on the side of the road. He said he was stopped on the far right lane of the Highway 92 eastbound with his hazard lights on, waiting for a tow truck when he saw the lights of the semi in his rear view mirror.

    “Initially I thought he was going to change lanes like the other vehicles ]

    Well, duh. Sit in a travel lane long enough and something bad is bound to happen.

    The article doesn't state if an emergency lane was available, but we have all seen those dummies let their vehicle come to a stop without attempting to get off the travelled portion of the highway. One of my big pet peeves is somebody pulling over on the narrow left shoulder to change a tire.
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    I wonder if the news people used stock footage from a different accident for the video.


    The accident in the video shows it happened on a bridge, and there are no breakdown lanes on either side.
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