Sanders, Kaptur introduce bill to restore retirement security for 10 million

Discussion in 'Central States Pension Fund Discussion' started by Freightmaster1, May 9, 2017.

  1. jimmy g

    jimmy g Kook

    They cheated in the recount, got Franken in, so they could pass Obamacare. They needed every vote.
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  2. henry j

    henry j Banned

    Yes - I say "pro wrestler", but as we all know, that is just enhanced gymnastics with a pre-determined "winner" decided before the match even begins..
    Jesse "The Body" Ventura was only his acting name while doing the wrestling gig. His real name was James Janos. He joined the US Navy after leaving High School, then entered UDT diving school (BUD/S). He finished that, then did some underwater work off the coast of Viet Nam during the war there. He spent most of his Navy time in the Subic Bay area of the Phillipeans, drinking and partying, never seeing REAL action like the Navy SEALs do.
    He falsely claimed to have been a Navy SEAL while "wrestling" and running for MN Gov and in a book he wrote, but in fact, he never was. He DID complete the 30 weeks od BUD/S training (Basic Underwater Demolition) required prior to SEAL training, then dropped out before entering the 24 additional weeks of grueling training required to wear the SEALs trident patch that REAL SEALs are allowed to wear. He falsely claimed to be a SEAL anyhow, dishonoring the men that actually DID go through ALL the training. Currently he is banned from attending any gatherings of past and present SEALs at Coranado, CA. SEAL training base, near San Diego.
  3. Low-Rider

    Low-Rider Active Member

    Wow. You seem to be a wealth of knowledge on this subject.
  4. roadboss

    roadboss Well-Known Member

    Are you implying that All people for Minnesota have mental deficiencies.Besides comedians they elect wrestlers too.In Minnesota we laugh at Washington and body slam our competition.
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  5. roadboss

    roadboss Well-Known Member

    If it's on the internet net it has to be true.
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  6. mysticobra

    mysticobra Just here.

    Would it be that he has fake knowledge? That's if it's fake news.
    Pondering....... :stirthepot:
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  7. Quasi

    Quasi Active Member

    I always wonder how people seem to think the government is the answer to their ills.
    Standing there with a hand out saying save me save me.
    Until people start to understand government is the enemy then go ahead with your hand open wide.
    Fools. Think about the money you could of saved if they weren't in your wallet every day taking and taking, yet here we are talking about a socialist wanting to save us. This is the same clown talking free college for everyone. Who's paying for that?
    You go ahead and stick your hand out. I need them for nothing other than to give me the money back they stole from me over the past 40 years
  8. mud

    mud Wonderin' Gold Member

    Our government needs to stop sending our tax dollars all over the world. All we tax payers are getting in return is a larger and larger national debt. And who do you think will have to bail our country out, when it goes bankrupt?
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  9. Elwood

    Elwood Question Authority

    "He was a failure as a comedian..."

    He makes me laugh and his bills are paid. He was nominated for multiple Emmy's. I do not consider that 'a failure.'

    But, I can't get a job as a comic, what do I know?
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  10. Triplex

    Triplex Experienced stalker

    El, you're a regular on TB, that's almost as good as Saturday Night Live!! :hilarious:
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  11. jimmy g

    jimmy g Kook

    Much better! I laugh at jokes on here. I've rarely laughed, or made it thru a Saturday Night Live!
  12. roadboss

    roadboss Well-Known Member

    You pay ta
    You pay taxes don't you.What,You don't expect a return on your investment.
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  13. Triplex

    Triplex Experienced stalker

    A long time back SNL used to be funny and Teamsters were not. Now that seems to be reversed.
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  14. Slim_

    Slim_ Active Member

    I don't care if he's a comedian, a professional hopscotch player, a socialist, or a mafia don. If he's on my side, he's my man.

    Like the billionaire James Welch class, I have my hand out ready to take, voting my own best interests. I may be a fool, but I'm my own fool, not talk radios fool.
  15. TC1

    TC1 Active Member

    Why didn't this bill come up when the Dems were in power?

    Hint: Nobody wants to save your pension. This includes Sanders and Franken. It's just a showboat move for the base. Save as much as you can now. When you get to old to work you are going to be on your own.
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  16. henry j

    henry j Banned

    There are a lot of words to describe what the Teamsters has become, but I think "funny" is not one of them.

    SNL used to br funny back when John Belushi, Martin Short, Gilda Radner, Dana Carvey, Chevy Chase, David Spade, Bill Murray, Jane Curtin, Billy Crystal, Eddie Murphy, Chris Farley and more with their comedy talent were regulars. THAT was comedy. Not so anymore. There is a difference between comedy, like it was then, and just a political hack job designed to attract liberals, like it is now. We are all tired of the politcal stuff. How's about getting back to the truely funny stuff like it used to be? I guess a lot of the jokes and skits that were funny back then are not allowed now in our "politically correct" world.
    There are too many organizations like the ACLU and too many people like lawyer Gloria Allred that are always looking for someone to sue for discrimination, racism or some other so-called "injustice" contained in comedy. Everybody has become "thin-skinned" and easily "harmed" by comments made by comedians and others when they found out that there's money to be had by hiring lawyers, claiming ' psycological damage' that only a big legal settlement of money can heal.
  17. henry j

    henry j Banned

    It's just more "All talk and no action" designed to get more votes and campaign contributions for the DFL. They know the Teamsters are easily fooled into believing the Dems "Have your back". That is total BS. What have the Dems done for the Teamsters over the last 8 years? The CSPF representatives went before Congress in mid-2010 to ask the Congressional leaders to aid in finding a solution for the upcoming CSPF crisis. They were "sent packing" by the Democrat controlled House, Senate and White House in that year - 2010. Even though Obama had no problem spending over $10 Trillion dollars during his term, he couldn't find a penny to help the Teamsters who played a BIG part in getting him elected twice.
    Not surprizingly, the Dems are back again, looking for more money and votes for the mid-term election in 2018.
    The only person I've seen that actually started an investigation into the corruption and mismanagement of the Dept of Labor, the IBT, Hoffa and the CSPF officials that caused and/or allowed to happen is Sen Chuck Grassley (R-IA). The rest that include Sanders, Rep. Marcy Kaptur and Sen Rob Portman have been mostly all talk but no action. One would think there would be more action on the part of local, state and DC Democrats since the Teamsters have been such a strong source of votes and moaney over the past many years, but there is very little. Franken has done nothing, but now I guess his party leaders are telling him to go out and ACT like he's concerned about the working class Teamsters in order to get the needed votes for a Dem comeback in 2018
  18. henry j

    henry j Banned

    I am not "implying" anything. I am stating a fact that a braindead majority of people who came out to vote, did not do their homework on the washed up comedian known as Al Franken, born in NYC, later moved to MN. His father opened a business that failed after just two years. Franken went back to NYC only to come back to MN later when he saw an opportunity to use his name recognition on SNL to deceive MN voters into voting for him. He followed in the footsteps of another failed Democrat Senator, Mark Dayton after Dayton quit in the middle of his term citing his own failures as US Senator. I guess the MN voters saw fit to replace one failure with another one. Franken has not disappointed them in that regard. He is just a puppet for the Democratic leadership, voting as they tell him to on Senate issues and signing anything they tell him to sign, just as he did when he first got to Washington. The Dems needed one more vote to pass Obamacare. He was told to vote YES to pass it, and he did.
  19. henry j

    henry j Banned

    Not ALL Minnesota, just enough to elect incompetent people like Jesse Ventura, Mark Dayton, Al Franken, Keith Ellison and Amy Klobucher . They also have elected a state rep from Somalia and several other city county and state officials from the LGBT groups. The state DOES have a large population of people with mental deficiancies or are unable to think prior to an election. Way too many just look for a (D) behind any name.on the ballot.
  20. Slim_

    Slim_ Active Member

    No, I get it. But just because the Dems (And liberal Republicans) have folded like a deck of cards in the face of a 30 year right-wing onslaught on Labor doesn't mean I'm going to join the right-wing.

    It'd be kind of like the guy in The Shawshank Redemption giving in to to "The Sisters."
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