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Discussion in 'Holland' started by GeorgiaHomeBoy, Dec 10, 2016.

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    Talk to a junior guy at work. Teach them how to be a Teamster. :censored: this "Amongst ourselves divided." :shit:. Let's get it together guys. End the road vs city. Junior guys, lets show respect to senior guys. Senior guys, grab a junior guy and show them the old school way of being a Teamster.

    Luckily I've had the chance to learn from a couple guys at my barn. It's obvious we can't ever get over on the company. Even if you are, your not getting enough.. I guarantee an old school brother that mentors a new guy right will in turn vote no hand in hand on the next BS contract that comes up. It may be out of the question 2019. It may not. Its all up to y'all to start the movement.
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    Correct YRCW has WON by dividing us ,everybody fights & bitch's at each other daily and these new crybaby hires need to learn respect period !!

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