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Discussion in 'Knight Transportation' started by Outlaw1_2003, Oct 24, 2010.

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    :nono_h4h:Knight has an unique way of holding orientation. I went to Olive Branch, Ms., for orientation. I spent 4 entire days there. During the 4 days, I watched driver after driver get booted for this and that, mainly past felonies.
    At the end of day 4, after I had passed the physical and the road test, sat through class after class, filled out everything, I was told that I was being rejected for having too many jobs in the past two years, (4).

    Nowhere was this mentioned that it was part of their criteria for employment. Before attending orientation, I spoke with the recruiter numerous times, left nothing out about when and where I worked previously, or why I left previous employers.
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    Is this company just not worth talking about good or bad just has a 100% turn over. The last post is 2011 I guess nobody stays. I better look else where for a job.

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