sept 1 2010

Discussion in 'Consolidated Freightways' started by excfman, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. excfman

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    eight years ago on this date we got the call that said it all over for us at cf for some of us it may have been a good thing but the most of it i don't so. i don't think there a day go's by i don't think about the people the place the good and bad and the equipment. i know theirs some out there that will say it was labor day but for me it this day sept 1st. this will always be a sad day in my life.:sadwavey::tribehasspoken:
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    Miss the people some of the best in the ltl business. What a great lost. A lot of guys I worked with got out of the business. Sure do miss everybody think about it all the time. Was a great 20 years some of the best time in my life.

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