sept 1 2011

Discussion in 'Consolidated Freightways' started by excfman, Aug 31, 2011.

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    Well it's been nine years now one year more it will be a decade. I for one can't say the time has past that fast. I still miss the old place and people i work with some have pass on some are in better shape that other heath&fiance we have some that lost some of there love one from car wrecks to murder and other things. we got a few still doing there best to hang in there but yrc has just about took away any hope they have for retirement. but as the old song said time keeps moving on.:shift::TR10driving03:
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    I was just at my old terminal tonight delivering a 53 footer full a mail.... it seem odd that you mention this.... I was thinking back about the old days myself tonight.:funky:

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