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  1. Stringbender

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    I've known of about a dozen road drivers here at YRC that are now driving for Wal-Mart. They all swear that they are happy. There's a part of me that really wonders if this is true? .lol
    How strick is Wal-Mart with the new safety technology?
    How many "violations" can one receive before that driver is terminated?
    I myself, have been a long time sleeper driver. Therefore, I understand how to manage the motion of the tractor. Yet here at YRC, I've never worried about a disciplinary action against me because of my actions with their new technology.
    Is this an issue that someone at Wal-Mart would worry about?
  2. Extreme4x4

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    No, not really. Do your job, be safe, and don't lie.

    If you get a hard brake, you have to fill out a form explaining why it happened. If it is a habitual situation, they are going to look at the situation more closely and have a chat with you. If it gets ridiculous, yes, you will get a step. (3 steps within a certain timeframe (like a year) and you are out).

    Believe it or not, you have to work really hard to get fired. When you go through orientation, they will tell you everything that you can do to get fired. Lying is HUGE. If you damage the truck and don't come clean............. they will figure out how it happened. They will then give you a chance to change your story. They will then give you another chance to change your story. If you continue to lie, and they have proof, then you are gone, after multiple attempts to get you to come clean. Frankly, it is BS what some drivers try to get away with. You mess something up, fess up. Yes, you may get a step, but you won't lose your job. Walmart has way too much money invested in their drivers, to just throw them away. They will give you any (and many) opportunity to do the right thing.

    That is their real pet peeve. The reality is, they really just leave you alone. Do your job............ be safe............. and you are left alone. Short of when there is an issue with a delivery or a vendor, I never talk to anyone except to get my load paperwork. As hard as it is to believe, it is a very low stress job, and they treat you great (like the professional you are).

    I know it is hard to believe that your buddies are that happy with their jobs, but it is true. There is a good reason why Walmart Transportation has a 4% turnover.
  3. Stringbender

    Stringbender Undercover Road Driver

    Extreme, thanks for the info.
    As you may or may not know, it takes an act of congress to get fired at YRC. .lol
    Saying that, I've never needed anyone to save my job. Nor have I ever made any serious mistakes.
    I see where there are 5 DCs here in Texas. I almost live within the hiring radious of all 5. So, I'm going to monitor the career page and probably apply when something pops up?
    I've had a good run here but, I'm ready to return to the solitude. .lol
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  4. Extreme4x4

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    Sealy will probably be your best bet. They are a DC that many hire into, to get in the door. Then when they have their year in, transfer to the DC they really wanted to work at. It is a great DC and the people are very friendly, but they probably hire the most often in TX.

    I have read a bit on the YRC forum, and I feel really bad for you guys. I know what it is like to really like your job, and feel like you are a valued employee, and then have everything change. It sucks to be that stressed out going to work each day, especially when it is stressful enough dealing with the driving public. I was there at my X job also.

    Just take heed when you get hired and listen to your uniform guy. Get your uniforms one size bigger. They are always looking for excuses to feed you, and it is usually pretty good food. :D Often the GTM and Safety manager are out there cooking. :)
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    Ha ha ha.... Lol!!!

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