Shortage of Manager's & Supervisor's ?

Discussion in 'Holland' started by wongway, May 13, 2017.

  1. wongway

    wongway -15% Pay , Never forget

    Been hearing that there is a big shortage of Manager's & Supervisor's threw out the whole system now too ,along with the driver shortage ! Everybody knows what the problems are of WHY nobody will apply , but don't think upper management and yrcw will change things !! :6788:
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  2. BIG R GUY

    BIG R GUY Patel Industries CFO

    Actually partner,I think the shortage is management with lack of experience,and drive to properly perform their jobs...
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  3. falconfan

    falconfan Well-Known Member

    We have hired over 30 city drivers in ATL. in the last year and a half.
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  4. Songremainsthesame

    Songremainsthesame Well-Known Member

    How many have stayed?
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  5. Coldhearted

    Coldhearted Member

    To bad Steve from S.B. doesn't leave.
  6. Canadian Flyer

    Canadian Flyer Self-Employed

    The middle management guys are the ones I always feel sorry for. Most companies pay managers and supervisors half what they really should. It's an ugly job because no matter what you do, you're making someone mad.

    I only know of one person who gave up being an owner/operator to be a supervisor. Guy who ran a city box truck for Watkins Canada was asked to fill a desperately needed morning dock supervisor position at the Toronto barn. He agreed on the condition that he be paid what he was already making. He was still working at the East Toronto FedEx barn when I quit, though he was talking about retirement.
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  7. Northern Flash


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  8. wongway

    wongway -15% Pay , Never forget

    Heard that over the past few month's , they are Quitting & Fired & Demoted faster then our 62 mph trucks !! :tr10driving03:
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  9. frtgod54

    frtgod54 Member

    nobody wants to work for a YRCW company.
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  10. yrc-atm

    yrc-atm commodities relocator

    Our supervisors are completely incompetent and lazy. On their phones all day and have zero knowledge of freight. Let them all quit. They are dead weight and do nothing but get in the way of work being done.
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  11. falconfan

    falconfan Well-Known Member

    One is going to UPS next week other than that none have left that I know of.
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  12. ABFer

    ABFer Well-Known Member

    That's what I was thinking, shouldn't a shortage of managers equate to a better running operation?
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  13. Keepingon

    Keepingon Well-Known Member

    You would think so BUT.... Upper managment defines better running operation differently than the rest of the industry .

    After all who would load this way without a supervisor telling them they have to get one more skid in there?

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  14. Elwood

    Elwood Question Authority

    It's an epidemic.
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  15. mysticobra

    mysticobra Just here.

    I see it everyday.
    Drives me crazy but there is nothing. Think about it. Nothing I can do about it.
    I've said and done all I could to help. I'm done. They don't care. Here. Or anywhere.
    One person cannot do it.
    They won't spend the time to fix it. Just deal with the aftermath. Pass the damage along. F the next terminal.
  16. seabreeze

    seabreeze Not Well Known Member, 60 Year Teamster Member

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  17. vongrimmenstein

    vongrimmenstein Well-Known Member

    Don't blame you about the attitude. If your leadership @ work does not take the time to correct simple loading mistakes & follow thru, why should you? When is the last time a supervisor spent all his shift time on the dock helping the outbound or inbound? I have seen supervisors set up a lap top out on the dock & work the entire shift managing the operation. Is this concept of management wishful thinking? von.
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  18. mysticobra

    mysticobra Just here.

    I load my own stuff the best I can.
    It's not my place to supervise.
    It's their job to monitor what's going on. They do. But don't correct anything.
    Just complain at preshift about damages. It's a joke.
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  19. sedain

    sedain Member

    only 30? in our terminal it seems like we hire more than a few EVERY week year round, we have casuals driving casuals around teaching them how to drive. it would be interesting to know how many have been hired/fired in a 18 month timespan...

    our main dock supervisors are retiring (17'ish yrs+) and we have went thru -AT LEAST- 5 replacements (quit and/or fired) to replace one (who quit after 5 yrs), with the last two retiring by the end of the year. the new supervisors all have increased pay/benefits due to the fact that they have had trouble retaining supervisors..the fact is that it wont be possible to bring in someone that knows these zones like the guys they are replacing..they focus on loading all of the freight off the dock so that they can get home.

    i wont mention any names but we have enough money to pay a supervisor who has little knowledge of freight 80k+ to walk around the dock and check to make sure it LOOKS like everyone is working and to monitor how long it takes to unload each trailer on top of what the computer system already does. for instance - how long from the time did you get your bills until you opened the trailer door? im sure you can imagine this being counter productive.

    maybe im off my rocker but there might be less time theft if they just let us do our job rather than standing outside our trailer monitoring us at times like as if we were on prison release.

    i agree completely, our guys loading the freight for the specific zones do over 90% of the dock supervisors job as it is..everythings running great if they stay up in the office for most of the day.
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  20. falconfan

    falconfan Well-Known Member

    Supervisors are a revolving door since they fired our old TM.
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