Should UPSFREIGHT be Nonunion?

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by Johnnybegood, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. mud-flap

    mud-flap Member

    can the teamsters help us hourly dock workers when we get strong armed by managment?? and writen up and harrased by dock sup's?? i do not take breaks or a lunch ..i would rather move bills so i will not get writen up for not making production..''BRING IN THE HORSE'':order:
  2. Animo916

    Animo916 Active Member

    Mud flap,

    In addition to drivers, the Teamsters can and do, also represent the dockworkers, mechanics, and even the clerical staff in the office.
  3. mud-flap

    mud-flap Member

    cool we do have some billing clerks and mechanics what will a UPS teamster pay for health ins.??weekly??
  4. HillBilly Frog

    HillBilly Frog Active Member

    $0.00 How is that?
  5. Skeeter

    Skeeter Well-Known Member

    Hey at least he said have a nice week. :bgroovy:
  6. Animo916

    Animo916 Active Member

    I pay nothing per week. I have a $10 copay for doctor visits and a $5/10 prescription plan.
  7. mud-flap

    mud-flap Member

    wow,,where do i sign i have $20 copay $40 for specialist $55 per week.
  8. mossbackman

    mossbackman Member

    As far as I can tell a single person working for UPSF doesn't have a co pay for benne's I haven't received my sign up packet yet. Buts thats what I got from the bennefits meeting. Thats nott from the Union.
  9. BusterNite

    BusterNite Well-Known Member

    GET REAL!!!!
  10. hugnlug

    hugnlug Active Member

    Hey MF, If I did the calculations right, as a family guy, I'll pay an additional $8 and change for insurance. On top of that slap in the face, what happened to our other issues? Nothing mentioned about overtime, sick pay,delay pay etc. As former employees of "O" and "MC", I would think our new employer, UPS Freight would want to "do the right thing" and show why we are now "Best of Class?" I guess they are saying without saying it, we need you to be union to be more flexable and intergrated within the UPS organization. If it isn't, they have a funny way of showing how much they care. With the rising cost of everything lately, they are certainly taking care of themselves-rate increase, fuel surcharge and the buyback of shares. As UPSF employees, we have a voice that will be heard soon.
  11. mossbackman

    mossbackman Member

    not sure what that means, doe's it mean the union does pay for bennefits ! If so what is the package ?
  12. Johnnybegood

    Johnnybegood Member

  13. Greezy Trucker

    Greezy Trucker Active Member

    This is great, Amino. It is just sad that insecurity and lack of knowledge makes peoples words and decisions questionable. We are all entitled to our opinions. The problem we are only taught to share OUR opinions and we are not taught to listen to or consider that others have the same rights. And that some of other peoples opinions might be to help us or support us.

    It is understandable if someone has had a bad experience due to someone elses ignorance. Such as, so called union supporters giving them greif and harrassing them. We have to respect their anger or dislike for the union. But if people are posting and stirring purely because of hear-say...... Well, that person has a long frustrating life ahead of them. Wondering why the world doesn't revolve around them.
  14. steve5

    steve5 Active Member

    I would like to ask you a question, and if I am re-hashing an old subject please excuse me. It is for my information.
    What is your delay pay?
    What is your layover pay?
    Are they both paid at full rate?
    The reason i'm asking is that I was told by another ovnt driver that they were paid full rate for the above. I really don't need numbers, just if it is full rate or not. Thank you
  15. mud-flap

    mud-flap Member

    wow you got me,,,,, NO overtime here and you do know OVERTIME is after 43hrs. and i have asked the TM and was told he does not know about sick pay and safty bonus..and a pay raise MAYBE in Jan. 1 next year 50 cents more and hr. "BRING IN THE HORSE''
  16. Skeeter

    Skeeter Well-Known Member

    If we were to go union would that mean our teams could pull the over flow of UPS pups. Or we could go into a UPS yard and take one of their loaded over flow pups instead of making a trip with one and a empty.

    That would make sense instead of the teamsters filing a grievance if we passed though their gates.

    Working together as one company like FedEx is the only way we can compete with FedEx.

    The teamsters again better wake up and make the proper changes or it will be like the LTL companies with FedEx, DHL, then UPS.
  17. CFer

    CFer Active Member

    Skeeter, I highly doubt that FedEx is pulling FedEx Freight trailers or Fedex ground trailers.
    They may be working together on marketing but I'm sure it goes no futher than that.

    Let me run a scenerio by you. Your terminal has 2 loads going to Anytown USA. UPS has no freight going to Anytown USA but has 2 loads to come back. Instead of calling you into work to move those loads the UPS guy comes in any takes those loads himself and brings his own loads back. You've just lost a days pay. How do you feel about what happened?

    You imply that the union woulkd be petty by filing a claim but I'm sure you wouldn't be happy sitting home while someone else moved your freight
  18. Apostolic

    Apostolic Super Moderator Staff Member

    Fedex Ground is all owner operator.
    The main Fedex is air freight,and Fedex freight formerly American have employees punching a clock.
    They also have an owner operator truck load division,Fedex custom logistics.
    And their Fedex home delivery is owner operator.
    Although all( Fedex) they run seperate operations.
    I'm pretty sure this is how they operate.
    Maybe Jeff could let us know if I have it right or not.

    May the Lord direct your path it works for me.

    BUTTONMAN74 Member

    AMEN,BROTHER,AMEN:smilie_132: :wavey: :bgroovy: :cool:

    BUTTONMAN74 Member

    'post their arrogance'.HMMMM,so I suppose it's okay if someone from the other side of the isle does it,but there should'nt be any rebuttal? if ya don't like being talked to,or lashed out,don't instigate.for every action,or word,there's a reaction to be expected!:cool: :bgroovy: :wavey: :smilie_132:

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