So you just lost your driving job with little or no warning. But all is not lost.

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    I am an Independent Truck Driver recruiter who hires for about 25 different companies. I have 13 years Exp. placing drivers in the jobs they want. Being that I have so many options for most drivers, I dont have to force you in the job I want you to work at. I recruit a different way. I simply ask what YOU want as a driver, and do my best to find what you want to the best of my ability. If I dont have the job you are looking for at the moment, I will do my best to point you in the direction of a job, I might not even get paid for; My philosphy in recruiting drivers has always been: If im honest to you, and help you out by being honest with you; Perhaps even if I dont have the right job for you, there is a good chance I WILL have the right job for you down the line in the future. If Im honest with you, and you learn to trust me ( i know thats tough in the recruiting industry) then someday when I do have the job open for you, you will then trust me and I can possibly place you in a job where I actually get paid. But the reality of the situation is, with so many jobs on my desk that need to be filled. Im pretty confident I can find you the right job NOW. I have OTR, Regional, Dedicated, Local jobs, even some union jobs in a few places, Dry Van, Reefer,Tanker, Flat bed. Oil Field company jobs to fill all over the country; What do you have to lose by talking to me, letting me know your needs and let me see if I can help you. Give me a call, friend me, send me a message on facebook @ New Century Transportation Truck Drivers looking for jobs..... Whatever you want and lets talk. And if you have multiple friends who from New Century and you are the first to contact me with those other drivers, I have no problem shooting you some of my commission to help you out. As bad as companies going under can be for a driver, it doesnt have to be. Together we both can make a lof of money working together to get people back on the road;

    Craig Richardson.

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