So your wondering why there is so much violence and killing in Chicago ?

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    Maybe if the corrupt cops in this town we're not mugging people and taking weapons for themselves there could be some civility


    everal members of a Chicago policegang team have been stripped of their police powers amid a federal criminal probe into allegations they ripped off drug dealers, law enforcement sources told the Chicago Tribune.

    The nearly yearlong investigation by the FBIand Chicago police Internal Affairs Division focused on a sergeant and several officers on the department's Area Central gang team that operates in much of the South Side and part of the West Side, sources said.

    “They were going around and knocking on everyone’s doors, telling people not to go outside,” another neighbor who wished to remain anonymous told the Tribune.

    The sergeant is a former member of a joint FBI task force, sources said. The investigation began after an informant went to federal authorities to complain that he had been robbed by the team.

    As part of the probe, agents set up a sting to catch members of the team on undercover video, a source said.

    In 2016, the city agreed to pay $40,000 to settle another lawsuit alleging the sergeant and several other officers broke down the door of a woman’s North Lawndale home with their guns drawn. After acknowledging they had no warrant, the officers raided an apartment next door and found drugs and thousands of dollars in cash, according to the suit.

    The suit alleged the sergeant gave the woman $1,000 in cash he’d taken from the search as reimbursement for “her troubles

    In the 1990s, a federal probe led to the conviction of the so-called Austin Seven, officers involved in a series of robberies of drug dealers. The ringleader, Officer Edward “Pacman” Jackson Jr., was sentenced in 2001 to 115 years in prison.

    Federal authorities also charged corrupt Chicago cop Joseph Miedzianowski, whose shocking double life as a drug dealer led to the breakup of the department's vaunted gang crimes unit. Miedzianowski was sentenced to life in prison without parole in 2003 for his racketeering conviction.

    More recently, scandal engulfed the Special Operations Section after disturbing allegations surfaced that the elite team of officers routinely robbed suspected drug dealers as well as law-abiding citizens during illegal stops and searches.

    The blowback was severe — numerous officers were criminally charged, stripped of their police powers and placed on desk duty or suspended without pay. In addition, the SOS unit was disbanded, and the scandal helped force the resignation of then-Superintendant Philip Cline.

    Meanwhile, the city is still dealing with the fallout over a nearly decadelong run of corruption by former Sgt. Ronald Watts and his team of tactical officers, who were accused of forcing residents and drug dealers alike to pay a “protection” tax and pinning bogus cases on those who refused to do so.

    Despite mounting allegations, Watts continued to operate for years despite a lengthy police Internal Affairs Division probe as well as investigations by the state’s attorney’s office and the FBI, according to court records.
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    Only police officers, not ordinary citizens should be allowed to have guns.
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    Chicago has been corrupt for a hundred years.
    Cops ain’t doing the killing, south side gang bangers are.
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    There are in fact some bad cops. Armed citizens help keep them from in check.
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    There is such a thing as "Chicago politics" where corruption is excepted and passed off as just being again "Chicago politics", that and the fact 4 of the last 7 governors of Illinois are in the clink, joining all the others that at one time or another that held some form of trusted elected office in the city and state, don't be too shocked when corruption runs wild, it also runs wide so it shouldn't be too unexpected.
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    Just look at the corruption Chicago style politics brought to the Presidency for 8 years.It will be awhile before the nation rids itself of the corruption that brought us.But yea,its the cops fault,at least that was the cry from the White House for 8 years.
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    Here in Da Ville we have had 8 shooting this week

    its not the cops
    its a cultural shift where the value of human life has been compromised
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    To blame crooked police for the lack of civility in :shit: holes like Chicago is ridiculous.

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