Some soft drink Locals have delegate nomination mtgs in 2015, need reformers to run

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    Are you from any of these Local Unions with soft drink members?

    26, 231, 250, 493, 670, 760, 773, 839, 890, 948, 1164.

    These are soft drink Locals that as of now have announced that the date for their Teamsters convention delegate nomination meeting will be this year. Most of the Locals union-wide will have their nomination meetings during the first three months of 2016. But the list above is more urgent because the meetings are sooner.

    You can find the number of delegates and alternates that will be elected, and the dates and places here:

    If you're from one of the above Locals, now would be the time to contact Teamsters United at or 718-693-0400 and tell them you would be interested in running for delegate or alternate at your Local.

    The reform camp ALWAYS needs as many reform-supporting members to run for delegate as possible. If the slate doesn't get enough delegates, then there will not be any general election in October of next year. Besides, if you get elected, wouldn't you like an all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas during the last week in June of 2016? Plus you would get paid 40 hours of wages.

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