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Discussion in 'The Drivers Lounge' started by sharpshooter, Aug 24, 2014.

  1. sharpshooter

    sharpshooter Well-Known Member

    That's a nice site, Thanks. Tons of discussions on there!!
  2. EX396

    EX396 Well-Known Member

    You are welcome. It was a good resource before I decided on my purchase.
  3. Woody

    Woody pecker Champion

    My last bike was an Triumph. .think it was a 68' 650 bought in 84' for 150$...its worth alot more today.
    to bad I sold it for another toy. Im a dumb azz sometimes. .lol
  4. pro1driver

    pro1driver I am LAST

    one of the things i failed to mention or ask is are you tall enough to sit comfortably on a sport bike, and have BOTH feet on the ground when you are stopped..??

    i had always liked the BMW bikes, and many years ago went to a local BMW dealer. i LOVED thier touring bikes. they even had an "adjustable" seat which lowered (or raised) the seat by (i think) 2".....

    but i stand (or stood before my 2 back operations) 5' 10".......

    and even at the lower setting, when i was on that beautiful bike, i could not touch the floor, unless i was on my tip toes....

    and having nearly 1,000 lbs to a stop sign.........wasn't gonna be easy for me....i want both feet flat on the ground........
  5. sharpshooter

    sharpshooter Well-Known Member

    I know what you mean..."if Ida just kept that"...I have a lot of those
  6. sharpshooter

    sharpshooter Well-Known Member

    You'd like my Fatboy then, I'm about the same height, and I'm flat footed and knees bent on that...I lowered it 2 inches front and back.
    I sat on a new Ninja 1000 a few months ago, those new bikes are so well balanced, they feel like a feel every pound on the 86' though
  7. pro1driver

    pro1driver I am LAST

    yeah, i also had more than one GREAT opportunity to buy Honda Goldwings, from my dealer, as i was a regular customer for his Honda or Suzuki bikes, and winter storage and maintenance.

    he would offer me "in house" financing cheaper than the bank, or Honda Credit....

    BUT.....i could not for the life of me balance nor hold up a "wing"......

    so it has always been "low riding cruisers or low riding touring bikes".....

    but, since on a Hardly Dependable, like the Ultra-Classic Electra Glide (another bike i love) i could actually sit on that (or is it IN that) and both feet on the ground and balance it perfectly......but i nary had the money for such a bike.....
  8. mildew

    mildew Super Moderator Staff Member

    That's one thing i failed to mention. Being over 6 feet is a big plus operating a beemer bike. I think the gsa has a 35"seat hight and the street bikes are a tad lower but much heavier. Top heavy but isn't noticed once your moving
  9. EX396

    EX396 Well-Known Member

    I mentioned I'm 6'5" in my gear because seat height on any of the bikes I considered wasn't an issue (riding boots give an extra inch), however the buffeting of the helmet (another 1 1/2" or so) is largely dependent upon where the wind hits it.

    The FJR had a good seat height, but was wider which meant more like riding a horse than a bicycle and therefore couldn't be directly compared to other bikes of the same height.
  10. sharpshooter

    sharpshooter Well-Known Member

    Put some miles on my buddy's Concours recently...decided I better look at more of a touring I still wanted to eat curves with that thing (it flies!!) Very nice bike though but, I don't think my wife would like riding on it, even with backrest or tour pack.
    So..I'm looking at 2 05 Screamin eagle electra glides with super low miles

  11. EX396

    EX396 Well-Known Member

    Yes, if the concourse wasn't enough touring for you, then you better move out of the sport touring category. There isn't any sport in those H-D screaming eagles...that's all touring and if you are going all touring why not a Gold Wing?
  12. pro1driver

    pro1driver I am LAST

    i am partial towards the color red, plus it has "more baggage room"...

    as for touring bikes, yes the Gold Wing may be a bit more comfortable, but i never have seen a Wing hold it's value over the years like a Harley.....

    i personally (and if i could, but due to my back situation, can't) would go Harley. the Wing for me is too wide in the saddle, and this does not allow me to plant both feet on the ground at stop signs, etc. taller riders should have no problem with a Wing.
  13. sharpshooter

    sharpshooter Well-Known Member

    Actually, that blue 1 is the same as the red, without the tour pak, and a few other things removed.
    I've never riden a wing, I'm sure they are nice and all, they just don't do anything for my nephew happens to be a Harley tech (engine tuner) / H-D race team crew chief, so I can always take advantage of
  14. pro1driver

    pro1driver I am LAST

    the former Honda/Suzuki dealer i would always buy from, always made me an offer on a brand new Wing each time i'd go shopping.

    so one time, i sat on a beautiful pearl white, all "decked out"

    as i had said, my feet could not touch the ground flat, i was on my tip-toes..

    the bike went over, but the crash guards around the saddle bag area, and the engine, prevented a full down and out fall.

    the dealer owner, and his salesman ran over to me and said.."see, it cannot fall down"....

    "now try and pick it up"...

    before i tried lifting it, i said to them.."bet i scared you huh..."????

    i lost 3 of my walnuts that day, trying to lift that monster......:wtflol:

    i said, "when someone drops a one comes running

    when someone drops a Harley, the world comes out to help"

    that WAS the very LAST time, he tried to sell me a Wing......

    as for the blue being nearly the same as the red..??

    if the price is as much as or close to the red..??

    i'd go red......

    i just like baggers with lots of trunk/storage, and i'd also get the taller windshield as well...i do not like "shortie" windshields.

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