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    So says the Teamsters forensic accountant according to local business agents. In these economic times
    are we to believe a company with sales in the $100 million range that just spent $12.5 million on new tractor didn't have their accountants make it lose money? Good for contract negotiations, good for taxes.
    It appears the company has finally hired someone competent to get control of the shops and give us the best fleet we have ever had. Going forward the cost reduction of a reliable fuel efficient fleet will serve the company well.
    Here in St. Paul we have been told by management from EMO that the company has its feet under them. They believe they have people and equipment to do the job going forward, at a cost they can live with. As in the past once the contract is ratified the freight will start coming back. After 4 years of owning STDF, DHL finally seeme interested in making something good happen. The last piece is to get a three year contract with the Teamsters.
    This outfit is ready to make money don't sell yourself short and vote for a substandard agreement.
    We have men at locals who want $1 $1 $1 for raises, we have men that want 5 paid sick days like everyone else who is a freight teamster. We have men who want back the two paid holidays we lost. Vacation pay is a sore subject as based on a 55 hour workweek we are paid .72 cents on the dollar for a one week vacation.
    In 2010 durring the recession we signed a contract with pay and benefit cuts of 24%. We have done our share to keep the company afloat.
    We already know STDF has offerd us a poor contract. I don't think we will get anywhere near what We should, but don't sell yourself short. We deserve a fair amount more than what we turned down.

    At the end of the day all we want is what is fair. We don't want the cost of the new trucks to come out of our pay.
    When we get the next offer, do not vote against your own best interest.

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