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    Road drivers were notified Monday that we would NOT be paid if punched in earlier than the posted start time.
    I and some others( except for triples) have 20 minutes to hook and depart. All other activity, filling out log books and pretrips are to be done on mileage pay. With all the safety training and the steps you have to take to prepare for your trip, is this time sufficient for you? I think they are trying to get back to the Overnite ways of only paying us by clicks, and if you don't get done in 20 minutes, oh well, your working off the takes me about 25 minutes to hook , yes, I could go faster and skip a few safety checks, but the UPS mantra of safety, safety or get fired will not permit me to rush through my job.
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    Okay here's the deal, do a safety inspection. Before starting your tractor cut on lights and 4 ways walk around check tires breaks springs lights and lug nuts. Do the same with the dolly and each trailer BEFORE YOU MOVE THEM. Example before you spot your dolly inspect it after hooking your lead inspect it and so on. It's your responsibility to ensure the unit is safe to move. If you drop your lead in the yard you're at fault if the tires come off while moving to get your rear you're at fault. It's not a pre trip it's a safety inspection.
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