State Dept. Clinton violated email rules.

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    It's to talk it up to make Hillary look bad. If looking at her your not looking at him.

    When in truth the right are selling our country to the rich and the middle class and working poor down the river. Most on this site are gladly helping them.

    Paul Ryan has made the dismantling of Social Security his top priority since taking office 1998. Trump is a puppet to him. Trumps tax plan is to cap taxes on the rich at 27% and eliminate personal deductions for anyone earning over $50K a year.

    MOORE: Now, Mr. Trump has not signed off on these yet. I hope that he does. But one of them would be to just put a cap on the amount of deductions and loopholes that people could take advantage of. So for example, just to throw out a number, we're saying, OK, what if you cap the deductions at 50,000. So for the middle class, that's not going to affect them at all 'cause most - a lot of American's don't even make $50,000 of income.

    Pete Peterson is a Wall Street billionaire who has spent over 30 years and more than half a billion dollars on a crusade to cut Social Security. As part of that quest, he holds yearly “Fiscal Summits” where politicians and wealthy elites schmooze while nodding their heads about the non-existent debt crisis and the supposed “need” to cut earned benefits.

    This year, Sam Clovis, Trump’s top policy advisor, attended the Peterson Summit. And what he had to say was music to the ears of the well-heeled conference-goers: A Trump administration would be open to cuts in Social Security and Medicare.

    The timing and location of this statement was no accident. Clovis’s remarks took place in a room full of wealthy GOP donors, the day before Trump’s much-anticipated meeting with Speaker Ryan. Trump’s broken pledge reassured the GOP establishment that he was falling into line with right-wing orthodoxy.

    Ya see if your looking at her you don't see this
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