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Discussion in 'Dayton' started by Birdman07, Sep 22, 2016.

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    im curious as to what each terminal does with its straight trucks. At my terminal the straight trucks stay very close to the terminal all day long, probably within a 10 mile radius of the yard. Doesn't make very much sense to me. instead of using them for residentials and lift gate deliveries they keep them really close to the terminal and essentially they do stops that a normal semi could do. I dont understand it. I'm just curious to see what other terminals do with their straight truck drivers.
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    I'm pretty sure ours at CMH are kept on a pretty short leash as well. Although if a residential delivery is impossible in a semi, they'll put it on a straight truck the next day. We just got a new one added to our fleet, so maybe they'll have some more flexibility there. I do know that later in the day they're often used to bail out guys who are swamped with pickups, so they can be found at large shippers then.

    The coolest delivery I ever did in one was after hours in one of those underground garage dock areas under a downtown skyscraper. The people there told me other LTLs bring pups in there, but since we don't have any, we have to use straight trucks. I was glad to be in that rather than having to figure out how to back a pup in with all the obstacles everywhere!

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