Striking or NOT..That is the question?

Discussion in 'Oak Harbor' started by Squirt, Nov 15, 2007.

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    This is very true truckinchick,if your going to accept an offer that ohfl has cooked up,you would be better off working a non-union job.
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    so when are the empoylee's of OHFL going to have a contract??????????????? or are they just going to work like last time for 8 or 9 months without an answer with no compensation for the previous time
  3. truckchick1

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    oak Harbor Contract

    So how are the negotiations goings? Are there any or are the sheep still doing what the herder is saying?
  4. silvertooth

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    The most recent edition of Oregon Teamster local 81 Principle Officer Tom S states "OHFL is conducting one of the largest anti-union campaigns against our members and their Teamsters Union Contract in the history of this company" Goes on to comment about anti-union DVD's, 401k replacements fro pensions and the companies attempts to convince our members to withdraw from the Teamsters and cross strike lines.

    Their are supposedly talks scheduled for the 22nd of April. From what I can gather just keep you head down and do what OHFL says. Maybe if were really nice to them they will let us keep our pensions.
  5. Twinscrew

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    As I have been told the April meetings were not positive in any way.All the locals unions will be meeting in early may. Freight volumes are down and tensions are high among the employees.
  6. foster1662

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    The meeting is scheduled for Friday May2,2008 at 3:00pm." To date, the negotiations have not resulted in an acceptable package including: Wages, Healthcare, Retirees and the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Plan"

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