Sysco St. Louis is hiring.

Discussion in 'Drivers Wanted' started by TedWard, Jul 23, 2014.

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    Well they put the "We're hiring" banner out front, so come on over to the dark side, we've got cookies.

    The banner has the job hotline, 636-940-3605, but if you call it it says that you can only apply if they have a position open, and then tell you to go to the website, and then the robot asks you to leave a message.

    Go to the website and click learn about careers, then job search, then choose St Charles MO, nothing comes up for St. Louis.

    Looking for drivers and part time night warehouse. You can apply for these positions online.

    Also looking for total jerks, um I mean sales reps.
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    I've delivered there enough times to know I don't want to work there. Just not my gig personally. :)

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