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    Get the word out to all Standard Forwarding Teamsters about this message board. Drivers, mechanics, and clerical. We must fight for a good contract. We had our ass handed to us in 2010. We must prevail or they will always run over us. Hold your Teamster business agents feet to the fire.
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    Any updates on the contract? I worked for STDF as a casual many moons ago..
  2. The company scheduled talks for Feb 24-26 and Mar 2-3. Rather late for a contract expiring Mar, 5th. The International and the local BA's didn't roll over for the company. Negotiations have been extended to reach an agreement. While I am certain the Teamsters will get the best they can from DHL, we will need to vote NO letting the company know we are serious about just compensation. We are now working without a contract, and will continue working as long as we can.
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    Well I hope you guys get a good contract. I worked out of the Milwaukee STDF terminal with a great bunch of guys, they sure all deserve a raise, to hell with concessionary contracts. Keep us updated!

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