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Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by CFer, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. CFer

    CFer Active Member

    All this talk of the APWA has got me wondering how much support there really is for them amongst UPSF employees. Seeing that we have a pretty good cross section of employees here lets do a poll

    UPSF employees, If you are interested in a union please take the above poll.

    UPSF employees only please
    Thank You
  2. Docksteward

    Docksteward Teamsters Local 71

    Whoops, didn't read the fine print........sorry. CFer take my vote out. DS.
  3. Greezy Trucker

    Greezy Trucker Active Member

    Not sure this is worth the time but I can humor it...Bit shocked by you opening this up there Mr. CFer. Just shows the union don't close your mind all the way down. LOL
  4. accelerator

    accelerator Active Member

    Where are the Horses. I can see them now.:bananalama: :bananalama:
  5. BusterNite

    BusterNite Well-Known Member

    Can someone get Accelerator a real horse!!!
  6. CFer

    CFer Active Member

    Here you go Accelerator.

  7. Toxic

    Toxic Banned

    Teamsters are winning!
  8. accelerator

    accelerator Active Member

    I am finally drifting into the abstract in terms of how I see myself. Riding the emblem of the truth!!!!!! LOLOLOLOL
  9. greenbean

    greenbean Member

    asking the apwa/teamsters

    Lets have a face to face open forum with the APWA and the Teamsters .
  10. Teamster251

    Teamster251 Member

    Why/ so the rank and file can be further divided?

    The only one that benefits from two unions going after one company is the company.

    History has proven it. Teamsters have lost many votes in the early years of labor becuase of upstart unions or company formed unions to undermnind the Teamsters vote.

    If there isn't a 50% vote, no union wins.

    Hard to get 50% when 33 presents goes one way 33% the other and the final 33 doesn't vote or sides with compnay
  11. get a life driver
  12. greenbean

    greenbean Member


    well lets see if the apwa is willing
  13. I don't think UPS wants to deal with two unions. It does not benefit any company to deal with two unions. UPS is already negotiating a contract for UPSF I do not want any other union to get in the way of what the teamsters are trying to do. I hope the APWA can respect the workers of UPSF and the teamsters while we see what we get for a contract and then the card check.
  14. stldude44

    stldude44 Active Member

    You hit the jackpot.....Divide And's been going on since the beginning of time. The Teamsters have been United for 100+ years, so the UPSF guys can decide who the Dividers are.

    (Hint......they have an anti-Union lawyer and 2 ***** running their dog and pony show.)
  15. He needs a real BIG horse.
  16. Teamster251

    Teamster251 Member

    This brings us back to the previous post about union organizing history.
    The problem is other unions never respect other union organizing in the name of organized labor.

    All the other unons do is kill the drive.

    APWA is a poor excuse for a union, they have very little experience in negioating, organizing, or dealing with UPS at all.

    APWA will be the reason UPSF doesn't get a unified contract amongst all it terminals. In the end UPSF employee will the one that suffer.

    Becareful what you wish for.

    Granted the IBT isn't all peaches and cream. No organization is.
    Troubles can be found in all kinds, religous, communities, public and private.

    APWA is a cancer that can be cured.
  17. Gater

    Gater Member

    If I had a choice I would choose the Teamsters.
  18. Animo916

    Animo916 Active Member

    Not only are these as big as they get but they come with a bonus.

    here ya go Accelerator
    Bring in the Horses!!!
  19. saddletramp

    saddletramp Member

    Couldnt have said it better 251!

    This is exactly what TDU has been for years.
  20. Ironshot

    Ironshot New Member

    It is a grand idea, Where? the worldport
    with webcasting? I'll ask the APWA do you have access to anyone with serious connections with the IBT Labyrinth?

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