Teamsters Prepare for Contract at UPS Freight

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    You can meet, organize to your hearts content, and go home thinking that you've got something done but, in the end, you're going to get, whether you vote for it or not, the contract that UPS wants you to have. Hoffa,Jr runs the show and has stacked the deck against the rank and file. Look at the history of Hoffa's monkey men vs UPS. Ken Hall and Sean O'Brien were in charge for the 2013 contract negotiations.
    ...When Hoffa put O’Brien in charge of UPS contract supplements in 2013, UPS Teamsters voted no to reject 18 supplements--regional and local agreements that cover issues not dealt with in the national contract.
    Eighteen contract supplements covering 63 percent of UPS Teamsters were rejected in 2013. Three of the supplements were ultimately imposed on the members after they voted no by as much as 94 percent...
    ....The overwhelming majority of UPS Teamsters voted for the Fred Zuckerman Teamsters United slate in the International Union election. But Hoffa has chosen one of the chief architects of the UPS deals that were roundly rejected by the members in 2013....

    Guess who Jr picked to replace Ken Hall?
    ...“I am pleased to appoint Sean O’Brien to lead our Package Division team as we head into the all important 2018 contract negotiations with UPS,” said Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa. “With Sean’s experience, enthusiasm and commitment I am confident that he will lead the fight for our members to achieve a strong contract.”...

    If you believe that :horseshit:, then here is some more.
    ....O’Brien is calling on members to put union politics aside and focus on the company.
    But when he announced the new appointees in the Teamster Package Division, every single one of them was from a local that voted for Hoffa-Hall.
    It’s not easy to find eight UPS locals that voted for Hoffa-Hall (ninety UPS locals, including most of the big ones, voted for Teamsters United in the election) but they managed.
    ....Only two UPS locals voted for Hoffa in all of Ohio. Officials from both got new appointed positions. Pat Darrow of Akron Local 348 was named O’Brien’s deputy. When it comes to putting politics aside, watch what Hoffa and O’Brien do, not what they say....
    The people that are going to represent you at the 2018 table have all been handpicked by Jr. and now owe their souls and their fat paychecks to him and not the rank and file.
    Good Luck breaking that Mafia family.
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    Dracula do you work here?
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    Nope, are you saying that I am wrong or that you just don't want to know the truth. Are you one of the Hoffa guys protecting Jr?
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    No not a Hoffa guy at all but seems to me like you'd find something better to do with your time than to put your nose where it doesn't belong. You don't have a dog in the fight. Hope you enjoy your crappy wages and wonderful insurance.
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    I hate to agree, but I do. All you have to do is look @ the contract vote in KY with UPS and ask yourself, why bother to vote? Hoffa has the right to force the contract on the rank & file regardless how they voted. And he proved it in the last contract vote. I am a retired Teamster & had no idea the President of the IBT had that power. So once again why bother to vote? Let Hoffa settle all contracts. He does have our backs? Right? von.
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    Sorry to be gone for so long but being from South East Tx there are other problems to worry about. I make 64 cents per mile plus 25+for other work. Almost as crappy as your's. My nose goes where it wants too and as long as I am not breaking any Truckingboard rules, please keep your nose out of my business. You still haven't answered the question. Is my opinion wrong, with respect as to who side Jr and his monkey men are on.
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    Less than 20% of the members voted in the past 2 GEB election's.

    The membership gets the leaders they don't bother to vote for or against.

    Hoffa is terrible, I have never voted for him, but to complain when your too uninterested to vote when it matters most is pathetic.

    We will never give up on making the Teamster's great again!

    We knocked 6 of hoffas vps out in the last election, and 2 more are being thrown out(corruption). We get a new GP and build this union from the ground up.
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