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Discussion in 'Old Dominion Freight Line' started by JIM BOB, Nov 18, 2017.

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    Who freaking cares. If you think I’m out there to hole shot with a truck, you’re nuts. What you own a Prius, piece of crap. The people that own them think they’re saving the planet. I get more problems with people in their hybrid vehicles. Passing on the shoulder, cut offs and such. Electric semi’s will not work. Maybe in the flatlands. We have mountains in our area. Think about it.
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    Must be a pdx or sea driver to own such a rig. I notice all these drivers saying how great we need those electric trucks run flatlands that never get much for snow.
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    I didn't say I supported an electric truck. I just wanted to add to why they boasted the take off speed. No, i don't own a Prius either. The electric torque is also terrible for wet weather. Experience in an electric car is that electric torque makes it hard to get going, have to extremely feather the peddle, a lot of wheels spinning on wet pavement. There is a place for these in say California in area where it doesn't snow and they could use the reduction in emissions. But I agree it's probably not for us, not now anyways. Would never want to be an early adopter of technology like that, let them test and work out bugs anyways.
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